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Noesis (Greek: νόησις for "insight") is a word meaning (in philosophical context) "understanding as the ability to sense, or know something, immediately". In other words, the phenomenon of knowing something without having to learn it.

Noetica is a software company with a difference. We attempt to look beyond the technology and foresee our customers’ needs and preferences even before they are able to articulate them. Our technical and contact centre specialist teams work in true partnership with our clients to deliver solutions that are able to propel them forward by giving them a genuine competitive advantage.

We often say that it is not what we do but the way we do it that makes the real difference. Noetica has never been a ‘me too’ company.

In everything we do, we seek to bring an element of originality and flair. Most importantly, our declared aim has always been to cut through unnecessary complexity and seek clarity and simplicity in our products without compromising on power or rigour.

Our strength also lies in our breadth of knowledge and experience. Although we are unashamedly deeply technical, some would say geeky, as a company we have managed to balance this by putting together a solid team of highly experienced contact centre specialists who are less focused on technology and more on the ways in which it can be used to deliver maximum impact and elevate any contact centre operation to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

Ultimately, what makes the difference is the way in which our product functions mesh together in a seamless manner to deliver a mix of components that is both coherent and complete. Arguably, one would struggle to find such a comprehensive and cost effective combination of functionality from a single vendor.

Commercially, we have also made our products widely affordable by effecting an early transition to a full subscription (opex) model. Whether deployed on premise or in a private or public cloud, our products are subject to a simple monthly, per concurrent user fee which includes the use of a licence and all the support and maintenance you will need.



Noetica is a British, privately owned London based software company specialising in the development and delivery of customer contact systems.  Established in February 1997, we take great pride in our products and services and are fanatical about delivering excellence in everything we do.

Following a management buyout in 2010, the company is now fully owned by Danny Singer (Noetica's founder & CEO) and his management team. Noetica has been consistently profitable and growing throughout all the years since the buyout.

We employ a hand-picked team of 25-30 talented, passionate and dedicated people most of whom have been with the company for many years and have an encyclopaedic knowledge of our technology and the customer contact industry.

We would love to welcome you into the rapidly growing family of Noetica customers. Synthesys™ helps contact centres of all sizes (from 10 to 1000+ seats) across four continents to achieve continuous improvements in the quality and efficiency of their business activities. Why not get in touch and see what we could do for you?