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Buy Diazepam Online Belfast, Buy Diazepam 10Mg Uk

Working at Noetica is more than just a job. It involves commitment to a common cause and the thrill of doing something that is interesting, rewarding and worthwhile.

Above all, we are not a faceless organisation. We are approachable and we like to get to know and understand our customers' businesses and challenges. We are deeply interested in the daily trials and tribulations that the contact centre industry relentlessly throws at us. It is what motivates us. 


Danny founded Noetica in 1997. Educated as a mathematician, he is the author of the visual logic mapping methodology which forms the foundation of Noetica's products. He spent the first part of his career designing software for the Israeli Military Intelligence.

Between 1987 and 1997 he was Technical Director at a London based software development house. When not working or assisting his two teenage daughters with maths homework, Danny enjoys pursuing his interests in sailing and tennis.

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Steven joined Noetica in 2007 and has over 20 years' experience in a variety of commercial and operational roles. He has both marketing and financial qualifications and has been instrumental in developing a sustainable business model since our MBO in 2010. This allows us to put the client at the heart of our business and therefore service our growing customer base whilst continuously developing our software solutions. Before joining Noetica, Steven worked for The Telegraph where he was responsible for their contact centre operation. When not working Steven likes to spend time with his family and play his guitar if they will let him.

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Dr Luke Harris is one of the founders of Noetica, having joined the company at its inception in 1997. Luke is a graduate in Pure Mathematics and holds a Ph.D. in Topology from the University of Liverpool. His responsibilities include the design and implementation of new products, as well as planning the future direction of the Noetica product range. He also liaises with the customer support department to provide advice and assistance on ways that Synthesys™ can be used to solve business problems.

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Kim Constantine is one of the founders of Noetica having joined the original team prior to the company's creation in 1997. Kim holds a Bsc (Hons) in Computing Science from Staffordshire University. She is responsible for the delivery of Noetica's products and services as part of complete solutions to existing and new customers. Her other roles include running the software verification department, making sure all software released is fit for the market place, as well as supporting all our partners from a technical perspective. In her spare time, Kim enjoys kick boxing.

Order Valium Online Uk


Alistair joined Noetica in 2013 after spending 14 years managing Contact Centre operations across a variety of industry sectors for large scale organisations such as Capita and Allianz Insurance. This includes inbound and outbound multi-site sales and service centres as well as dialler, MI and planning functions. This allows him to understand first-hand the day-to-day challenges faced by Noetica’s expanding customer base and use technology effectively to deliver innovative, practical and highly effective solutions. When not at work Al is a dedicated angler and spends his time, mostly unsuccessfully, in pursuit of huge carp much to the amusement of his long suffering girlfriend and colleagues.

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Having started her career as a software engineer in 1998, Camelia joined Noetica in 2002, working primarily on Noetica's telephony integration products and solutions. A computer science graduate, with extensive software development experience, Camelia is not only an expert in telephony but over the years she has been a leading key contributor to Noetica's core software. In her current role, Camelia leads Noetica’s software development team and works closely with our customers to ensure that Noetica's products and services are developed, configured and optimised for customers' specific requirements.  She has a keen interest in cutting edge technologies.

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