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"Peaks and troughs in inbound calls as well as agent productivity alerted Ageas to the fact we needed a system that would reduce agent idle times and synchronise outbound calls with our inbound calls."

Ageas Head of Operations, Ray Westwick

Using Synthesys™, 400 agents at Ageas Insurance Services' call centre in Stoke-on-Trent are managing multi-channel transactions, support and contact management services for corporate clients.

On its mainframe system Ageas typically receives 22,000 inbound calls per week from policyholders making claims or renewing policies, and makes outbound calls to customers selling policy upgrades and renewals using Synthesys™. "Prior to the installation of Synthesys™, Ageas managed its outbound sales telephone operations using paper call lists and had no automated, computer-based system in place to manage the 12,000 outbound calls per week," says Ageas's Business Development Manager, "Peaks and troughs in inbound calls as well as agent productivity alerted Ageas to the fact we needed a system that would reduce agent idle times and synchronise outbound calls with our inbound calls."

Using its patented predictive dialling and call blending technology Synthesys™ analyses agents' telephone activity and automatically presents the agents not handling inbound calls with an outbound call to make. Ageas is also making use of call recycling that guarantees that no prospect or customer is lost if a call is failed or unanswered.

Implemented at Ageas's call centre, Synthesys™ presents all agents with a scripted app, guiding them from the start to the end of every call. Using intelligent branching the agent is navigated through the interaction based on the information provided by the caller, providing them with the appropriate response to questions and ensuring the correct data is captured efficiently. 

Integrated with Ageas's customer database it provides the agent with a customer history including the date, nature of the enquiry and the resolution. "All the information an agent could possibly need is now available at their fingertips," adds Westwick. 

The day-to-day management of Synthesys™ is also a major benefit to Ageas, as Westwick continues;

"We outsource to external insurance companies as well as other financial services clients such as debt recovery, therefore our ability to quickly adapt a campaign using the Synthesys™ Interaction Studio, and release it to the agents is extremely important."

Managing Director of Noetica, Danny Singer concludes, "The number of financial call and contact centre agents are rising and not only will high service quality be constantly demanded, but so too will agent productivity and efficiency. The call blending provided by Synthesys™ means Ageas can  efficiently balance and time inbound and outbound activity amongst its agents."