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"We approached Noetica to provide a user-friendly system to allow our agents to gather all necessary customer information at the first call; improving call resolution, which has increased call centre productivity."

 Colin Herrington, Third Party Claims Manager, LV=

Its 25 telephone agents at its call centre in Brentwood, Essex, will use Synthesys™  - Noetica's contact centre management solution - for inbound calls, to improve the quality of information recorded and enhance customer service, whilst reducing call times and the need for repeat calling.

"The nature of the claim and the type of policy held by the customer, influences the line of questioning our agents must take to ensure that the claim is processed quickly and efficiently whilst keeping the customer fully informed," explains Third Party Claims Manager at Highway Insurance, Colin Herrington.

Noetica's Synthesys™ is fully integrated with Highway's main administration system, GIOS (Global Insurance Open Solution). Herrington continues... 

"Training our operators on SYNTHESYS™ takes one day, resulting in increased flexibility to react to peak call times rapidly."

Noetica developed eight bespoke ActiveX components to allow Highway Insurance to retrieve policyholder information such as details of registered drivers, the vehicle and any previous claims, from GIOS

Synthesys™ intelligent branching makes calculations on the data captured from the customer and on the data gathered from the GIOS system.

Using this collated information it is able to logically determine the best route of questioning and clearly present the appropriate script in front of the agent. This removes the need for unnecessary and lengthy lines of questioning.

When the data is captured from the claimant it is then exported back into GIOS, which then validates or invalidates the claim. If the claim is approved, Synthesys™ searches for one of Highway's approved repairers from the GIOS system and allocates it to the claim.

The whole process is instantaneous and is completed whilst the claimant is still on the telephone.

Managing Director of Noetica, Danny Singer comments, "By working with Highway Insurance's operators to understand the detailed processes and customer requirements Noetica has been able to rapidly deploy a system that effectively makes operators of varying experience expert, capable of handling calls more quickly and effectively."