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Noetica Supports Concentrix - Cash for Kids Day!
24 April 2014
By Danny Singer

On 4 April the Belfast-based Concentrix team employees volunteered to give up their time to take calls from generous donors for this year's Cash for Kids Day, which supported CLIC Sargent's Home from Home appeal, and raised an incredible £108,567!

To support Concentrix with their annual charitable event Noetica donated 50 free licenses (on top of their usual business licenses) for use of Noetica's call centre software product, Synthesys™, enabling the Concentrix team to receive and take additional calls from the kind contributors of this year's Cash for Kids Day.

Anthony Cassidy, Technology Helpdesk Manager, Concentrix said: "Cash for Kids has always been able to draw support from our employees and this year is no different. There was a great buzz on the floor and corridors of our buildings where we had teams across the business running their own various fundraising campaigns, including a male leg wax, ouch!"

"A massive thanks to Noetica, who have been a great support to Concentrix in facilitating this year's appeal, we really appreciate your help." 

Concentrix is a multi-national leader in providing innovative services and technology to accelerate high-value interactions at every stage of the customer's lifecycle. For more information about Concentrix go to Buy Diazepam Online Belfast and further details about Cash for Kids can be found at Buy Genuine Diazepam Uk