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Eight contact centres in the UK, US and South Africa replace enterprise PBX with the Noetica Voice Platform integrated with the Synthesys productivity suite
03 April 2019
By Danny Singer

Noetica has revealed that over the last quarter it added eight new customers who have implemented their Synthesys™ productivity suite, SmartBound™ dialler solution and the cost effective Noetica Voice Platform (NVP™) telephony suite. The contact centres in the UK, US and South Africa, range in size from 20 seats up to 400 seats and operate in the retail, insurance, debt collection, publishing and telemarketing sectors.

The NVP™ delivers ACD, IVR, voice recording, quality management and billing without the need for an enterprise PBX. It provides flexible, crystal clear, reliable voice channels all with significant cost savings when compared to the implementing and running traditional telephony infrastructure. When integrated with the Noetica’s Synthesys™ contact centre productivity suite it radically cuts the cost of delivering inbound, outbound and blended telephony.

Managing Director of Noetica, Steven Brooks states: “Working directly and with our partner network, Noetica is rapidly expanding its footprint within contact centres in domestic and international markets.” He adds: “The eight new contacts centre customers have realised an enterprise PBX is no longer a prerequisite to operate a successful contact centre operation. Today, Noetica can be a true one-stop-shop for the efficient and effective running of contact centres of any size anywhere in the world.”