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Synthesys™ Classic

Please find below details of the Synthesys™ Classic modules.

Synthesys™ Classic modules:




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Synthesys™ Callflow Design


Synthesys™ Callflow Design describes how you can use the tools available in the Synthesys™ Callflow Editor to design and implement callflows with a minimum of technical know-how.


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Synthesys™ CRM


This document shows how you can use the Synthesys™ CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  to access customer profiles and histories, providing agents with the best possible help in dealing with customers' queries and requests.

Customer Relationship Management fully integrates with the other functions of Synthesys™ and allows the agent to view data from a variety of sources.


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Synthesys™ Call Tracker


This document shows how you can use the Synthesys™ Call Tracker to follow up and monitor calls that have been taken and how you can create escalation procedures for actions that need to be taken to complete a call, such as sending out technical
specialists, or contacting a doctor in an emergency.


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Synthesys™ Agents Taking Calls


Synthesys™ Classic Agents Taking Calls provides an overview of the agent module, which is used to run callflows both in a live call situation, and in a testing environment and shows how to navigate through a callflow, access help pages and view and retrieve parked and held calls.


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Synthesys™ Agent Call Diary


The Synthesys™ Agent Call Diary enables call centre agents to view sleeping and scheduled outbound calls and associated CRM
information, with the option to manipulate these calls.


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Synthesys™ Message of the Day


The Synthesys™ Message of the Day enables you to send quick text messages or HTML messages with more complex information
around the Call Centre. Sound can be switched on and off on the agent workstation, when a new message of the day arrives.


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Synthesys™ Agents View Call Tracker


This document describes how the Synthesys™ Call Tracker is used in the agent module to view and retrieve existing call data and how it can provide agents with intelligent advice on how to handle follow-up actions such as paging an engineer or contacting a doctor in an emergency, if required.


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Synthesys™ Personnel


This document covers details of Synthesys™ Personnel and how you can set up and maintain user details and permissions.


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Synthesys™ Teams


Synthesys™ Teams describes how you can use the Synthesys™ Team module to assign individual agents to particular inbound and outbound lists, reflecting the skill level and expertise of the agents and to control the distribution of workload throughout the call centre.


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Synthesys™ Data Export Wizard


The Synthesys™ Data Export Wizard is used to export call data to an external data source, for example to a database table or as a comma separated file.


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Synthesys™ HTML EMAIL


The Synthesys™ HTML option in the Synthesys™ Campaign Manager enables users to copy and paste, or type HTML straight into an edit box and to send details in the body of an instant email.