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17 September 2012

By: Kim Constantine

Intelligent Email Routing From Noetica Delivers Faster Response Times To Multi-Channel Contact Centres

Noetica adds advanced email management to customer interaction management suite. 

Noetica, a provider of agile customer interaction management (CIM) solutions for the contact centre, today announces the availability of intelligent email routing for its Synthesys™  software. Using pre-determined rules and word-spotting, intelligent email routing automatically directs an inbound customer email to the right agent, or team, to deal with the enquiry based upon its content. Using this new feature, contact centres of all sizes are able to facilitate faster response times to inbound customer email enquires.

With the addition of intelligent email routing, Noetica now offers contact centres even greater multi-channel functionality (telephone, email, SMS, fax and post) and campaign management as standard. As part of the improved email management feature already available from Noetica, intelligent email routing uses algorithms - pre-determined by an authorised user - to identify key words and phrases within inbound customer emails. Emails are then directed to the relevant customer service agent, or team to manage the response.

"Our new email routing capabilities enable users to create operational rules. For example, if a customer email contains the words 'payment' and 'order'; it can be automatically directed to the agent team handling accounts," comments Managing Director of Noetica, Danny Singer. "This approach helps to ensure that every customer query is dealt with quickly and effectively, improving the overall customer experience". 

Intelligent email routing is easily managed in Synthesys™. By using a visual drag-and-drop interface, non-technical members of the contact centre management team are able to create and deploy business process maps (including callflows/workflows as well as routing), which escort agents through each step of a customer interaction whether online or offline (such as email). This ensures that vital information is communicated to and collected from the customer as and when necessary, using dynamic branching and following the correct business and regulatory processes even when the customer is not on the phone.

Instant HTML emails or formatted and branded reports can also be set up in the Synthesys™ Campaign Manager to generate auto responses or replies to the incoming emails.

Noetica Synthesys™ helps to create multi-skilled agents without the cost of additional training, as regardless of the channel of communication used, agents are able to manage all interactions using a single Unified Front End that guides them through the email or call. The Unified Front End takes advantage of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology, linking together multiple contact centre applications (from ordering systems to accounting tools). As part of the callflow design, users with the appropriate privileges can create the required interaction branches, conclusion points and define teams, which are later used for intelligent email routing to determine the agents or team that an email will be assigned to.

Intelligent email routing is available from Noetica now.