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04 February 2013

By: Danny Singer

Blog #1: More with Less


Welcome to our brand new website! I hope you had a good look around. We've given it a bit of a soft launch during January (it's actually been live since just before Christmas) and we are still cleaning it up and adding some new bits and pieces as we go.

You will have probably noticed that the "Why is it clever" section is still "under construction" as we didn't have time to write it before the launch but we are planning to populate it soon with interesting stories on ways in which our customers have been putting Synthesys™ to good use in unusual ways, some of them surprising even to us.

We chose to position the website around the concept of doing more with less. I feel that this works on more than one level without hopefully being too clichéd. Of course, at its simplest level it means that in these days of triple-dip (soon no doubt to become quadruple-dip, quintuple-dip, and so on) recession, we should all try to summon the blitz spirit and stretch budgets to make them go a little further.

However, this is just the beginning. The "more with less" concept also extends to the idea of getting rid of as much unnecessary extra baggage and waste as possible. One of my favourite statements of all times comes from a rather obscure work by Jean-Paul Sartre: "It is not determinism but necessity which is the converse of freedom". In other words, it is those things that we think we can't do without which are dragging us down.

We designed the website in this spirit as well, trying to keep it free of unnecessary platitudes which seem to plague so many websites these days and stick to the facts. We also made a serious attempt to avoid obscure jargon and keep things simple, clear and to the point as much as the subject matter would allow.

Finally and most importantly the "more with less" slogan alludes to the opportunities that adverse economic periods provide to smaller and more agile players in risk-averse markets. During boom years these markets become dominated by oversized, bloated and calcified vendors who need to charge higher prices for equivalent or inferior offerings just in order to feed their unnecessary and oversized bureaucracies as well as satisfy their ever more demanding shareholders.

When money is in short supply smaller, more nimble and inventive technology providers (such as Noetica), are suddenly in demand. Organisations which would normally only buy from the "safe" large multinational vendors (such as Nortel Networks, Lehman Bros., etc.) are suddenly forced to consider alternatives. Dinosaurs disappeared off the face of the planet because the planet could no longer afford them. Their smaller relatives survive to this day.

There, I've just compared our company to a lizard; probably a good place to stop.

In this blog, I will try to provide on a more or less regular basis my personal views on matters loosely relating to our industry, technology, business and occasionally stray a little further into things which may seem unrelated to the wonderful world of contact centre technology. I must stress that these will be my personal views and not necessarily Noetica's formal position on any of these matters.

So, sticking with the theme, I will say goodbye for now. Please get in touch with me, if you wish to comment on any of the views expressed in this blog. You can find me on Twitter (@DannySinger19 or @Noetica_) or LinkedIn or simply drop me an email (danny.singer@noetica.com).