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26 March 2013

By: Danny Singer

Guess the punchline #4

Scientific Method

A scientist is performing an experiment.

He takes an ant, placing it in a transparent container and shouts: "Ant, go!". The small insect proceeds to run around the box.

He writes in his notebook: "Ant with 6 legs walks."


He then proceeds to remove one of the ant's legs and shouts: "Ant, go!". The ant proceeds to move around its box (with some difficulty).

The scientist writes in his notebook: "Ant with 5 legs walks."

He repeats the exercise by removing another leg and writes: "Ant with 4 legs walks". Then, "Ant with 3 legs walks".

Eventually, he removes another leg and shouts "Ant, go!". The ant no longer moves.

He writes in his notebook...

..."Ant with two legs doesn't hear."


Disclaimer: No insects were harmed in the making of this joke.