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13 June 2013

NEW - Noetica white paper on Live Person Detection (LPD)

The successful detection of answering devices has been a perennial issue plaguing the call centre industry for decades. Due to irresistible commercial pressures, automated methods of detection have been invented and adopted by the call centre industry despite lingering doubts about their effectiveness and credibility.

In recent years, existing methods of detection based on the cadence method have been proven to be counterproductive and to generate high levels of silent calls (the worst type of nuisance call). Regulators have stepped in and all but outlawed the use of these methods. This seemed to be the end of the matter until now.

On the 10 May 2013 Noetica filed a patent application for a new technology called LPD™ (Live Person Detection™) which claims to be able to resolve the apparently intractable problem of distinguishing automatically and accurately answering devices from live people in a manner that is safe and legal.

The method relies on the seamless transition between personalised recordings of each agent and their live voice whilst monitoring the sound signal received from the call recipient to determine whether it is consistent with a live person or a recorded message. All tests of the method performed to date produce highly accurate results and live trials will continue through the summer of 2013.

For a white paper explaining the details of this new method, please click here...  LPD  White Paper

LPD™ will become generally available in the third quarter of 2013 as part of the Synthesys™ product suite from Noetica and later as an API which would enable other vendors to provide LPD™ commercially as part of their own offering.