What's going on?


13 May 2013

By: Danny Singer

What's New in Synthesys #4


Breaking News: Noetica is delighted to announce today that on May 10th 2013 it filed a patent application with the UK's Intellectual Property Office for a new invention that aims to provide an elegant and comprehensive solution to the thorny problem of Answer Machine Detection (AMD) in automated dialling systems.

The inherent difficulties that current methods encounter in correctly identifying automated answering devices and the silent calls associated with these unacceptable levels of misidentification have forced regulatory bodies around the world (UK's Ofcom amongst them) to severely restrict the use of these techniques to the point where they are all but banned from use.

We are confident that the breakthrough announced today will revolutionise the outbound dialling industry by virtually eliminating the plague of "false positives" (the misidentification of a live call as a call to an automated answering device) thus delivering the benefits of AMD without the drawbacks that have traditionally been associated with the current methods.


In the coming weeks, we will be releasing further details on the workings of this new technology, which has been successfully tested over the last few months in Noetica's labs and will become generally available as part of the Synthesys™ product suite later in the year following extensive live trials.

Today's new patent offers several additional important advantages over traditional methods. One of the most remarkable features of the new invention is that it does away with the initial pause (typically two seconds but sometimes longer) that current technologies are forced to apply at the beginning of each connected call. At present this period of initial silence causes many customers to hang up before the call has a chance to be identified as a live call and delivered to an agent.

The new technology works independently of the type of answering device in use and is able to identify equally well domestic answerphones, mobile voicemail or network services such as BT's 1571 service. This is mainly due to the simple but powerful idea of focussing attention on identifying a live person. With this in mind we have abandoned the term AMD and its negative connotations in favour of the new concept of Live Person Detection (LPD).

We estimate that the use of LPD technology will dramatically increase productivity and boost agent morale without alienating the public or causing anxiety in vulnerable population groups. For more information, please contact Noetica directly (or email enquiries@noertica.com).