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Buy Msj Valium Online Uk, Buy Diazepam Online Uk

The constant struggle to balance effectiveness against efficiency across a range of varied and often competing activities is what contact centre managers have to confront on a daily basis. What they need is software that allows them to be in control at all times and change the way in which they deploy their resources dynamically, quickly and with minimum of fuss.

Responding quickly to rapidly changing circumstances without causing any perceptible disruption to their agents’ work is essential. that allows you to be in control at all times and change the way in which you deploy your resources dynamically, quickly and with minimum of fuss

Whether inbound, outbound, blended or multi-channel, all activities in Synthesys™ take place within the framework of a ‘campaign’. This guarantees consistency and uniformity in the handling of interactions of similar type. Campaigns are the fundamental concept that links customer data, agents, teams and telephony together into a coherent stream of work.

With this in mind, we set ourselves the task of making campaign creation, monitoring and management as intuitive and non-disruptive as possible. Everything relating to campaigns in Synthesys™ is visual, ‘drag & drop’ and takes effect instantly and imperceptibly to the agents. Indeed, agents need not be actively aware of what particular campaign they are working on at any given time as work is delivered to them seamlessly according to predefined strategies.


One of the many distinctive features of Synthesys™ campaign management is the use of on-screen visual manipulation of Venn diagrams to define many of the characteristics of individual campaigns.

Synthesys™ campaigns are fully integrated into the CRM layer, the call scripting as well as the NVP™ (Noetica Voice Platform), the predictive dialler and the multi-channel functions linking all these elements to form a single effective and comprehensive work distribution unit for the entire contact centre.

Visual campaign automation extends also to data imports and exports from and to external systems. All such data exchanges can be automated so once defined they would spring into action either in real time or at predefined intervals.

Synthesys™ campaigns can be monitored in real time using the wide range of clearly presented administration dashboards which form an integral part of the system.

Finally, an extensive web services range of APIs provide programmatic access to campaigns and allow external applications to update the content of campaigns and prioritise agents work from within custom applications.

Why choose Synthesys™?

1. Visual data segmentation

2. Visual call recycling strategy definition

3. Everything can be blended 

4. No downtime required when modifications are made