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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) starts from the simple things such as remembering a person’s details from one contact you have with an organisation to the next and it can go much further into making one feel special and unique each time you communicate.

It is about not treating people like numbers but understanding what makes everyone different from everybody else. In the end, it is about the distinctive combination of characteristics that makes each person what they are.


Synthesys™ CRM is different from any other CRM system in the sense that it is dedicated solely to supporting contact centre processes and not the enterprise as a whole. This is an important distinction, as the CRM world has always been based on the false premise that by simply arming one’s staff with extensive and easily accessible information about your you will guarantee great relationships with your clients.

Customer information is certainly necessary but is, on its own, not sufficient for the demands of any busy, efficient and effective contact centre operation.  Contact centres require frequent changes to data structures, business processes and workflow practices. They need to keep the training requirements to a minimum and ensure that the user interfaces which agents rely on are as straightforward and streamlined as possible.

In addition, they need instantly available and extensive reports on current performance levels and how these levels relate to the types of transactions carried out on the contact centre floor. They need full integration with telephony and with all other channels of customer contact.

This is where most CRM systems fall short. As their origins tend to be outside the contact centre space, they can be far too inflexible and cumbersome for the streamlined, repetitively process centric world of contact centres.

Synthesys™ is different. As contact centre is in our DNA, our CRM offering is part of our contact centre suite and not the other way around. We feel that CRM is important but it should be there in a supporting role to the contact centre functions which are at least as important if not more.

Of course, this does not negate the need for a more static enterprise CRM system for the wider organisation. Indeed, Synthesys™ provides the means to interface to most modern enterprise CRM systems and exchange data with these in near real time.

However, in the latest release of the Synthesys™ CRM system we are now providing many features which allow it to compete successfully in the wider enterprise world. The latest App Studio comes complete with a visual CRM design module which features intuitive yet powerful features such as linked relational CRM entities, complex customer history events, visually designed presentation layers and much more.

Why choose Synthesys™?

1. CRM aimed purely at the contact centre

2. User definable unlimited fully relational CRM entities

3. Web services API for easy live data feeds

4. Complete customer history records

5. Fully and seamlessly integrated within Synthesys™ scripted apps