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Buying Valium In Phnom Penh - India Valium Online

Our roots are firmly set in the inbound customer service call centre industry. Over the last two decades Noetica has developed what is now probably the most advanced and comprehensive call scripting, agent guidance and intelligent desktop solution available today.

This was soon followed by a fully configurable and integrated CRM solution with a clear and well defined focus on the needs of the contact centre. This is again unique in the enterprise CRM world which tends to treat the contact centre as an afterthought. We put the contact centre first.

Both the call scripting and the CRM product modules integrate seamlessly into a variety of traditional PBX telephony systems such as Mitel, Avaya, Cisco, Aspect and many others (40+).

However, over the last few years we have completed and successfully deployed our own voice platform providing a simpler and much more cost effective way of handling inbound telephony.

Noetica’s own Voice Platform (NVP) comes bundled and fully integrated with the rest of Synthesys™, complete with ACD, IVR, Voice Recording, Quality Monitoring and everything else a successful modern inbound contact centre may require at a fraction of the cost of the traditional telephony solutions out there.

Apart from voice, our software handles all other channels (email, SMS, chat, etc.) and because of the bundled underlying CRM layer, it can seamlessly shift between channels delivering an elegant omnichannel experience, straight out of the box.

Noetica’s Voice Platform™ comes complete with ACD, IVR, Voice Recording, Quality Monitoring and everything else a successful inbound contact centre may require at a fraction of the cost...



We will be happy to arrange a live demo for you.
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