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There is a big difference between having many disparate conversations and having a single conversation across media channels. When an email can seamlessly turn into a chat or IM session and then just as seamlessly into a voice call then your customers will know that you are doing something right.

Noetica’s omni-channel approach is underpinned by a flexible light touch CRM system with the result that the customer experiences the sensation of talking to a single, coherent organisation regardless of the combination of media channels they choose at different points of their busy lives.

Delivering an omni-channel experience is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Customers expect it of the brands they buy from and if they don’t get it they will vote with their feet.

The customer record within the CRM system is the pivotal point for each and every interaction, regardless of channel. So, when your customers get in touch, your agents are completely up to date with any previous interactions whether they happened a year or a few seconds ago or whether they conversed with the same agent or a different one.

Furthermore, using our published web services APIs, you can insert new records into our CRM entities or update existing ones from your own applications or websites easily and with minimum of fuss. For example, if someone starts their journey on social media, continue via your website, move to chat and then choose to speak to one of your advisors, the whole journey is captured and linked to the relevant CRM entity record.

However, our omni-channel approach is not limited to inbound. Our outbound campaigns can also span many channels in a coherent and joined up way. Because our campaigns are also rooted in the Synthesys™ CRM subsystem outbound campaigns can also span any number of channels. For instance, you can pre-empt an outbound call with an SMS text message and follow it with an informative email. If some people object to being called, they may be perfectly happy to be contacted in other way. Outbound need not be limited to voice.

Delivering an omni-channel experience is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Customers expect it of the brands they buy from and if they don’t get it they will vote with their feet. In a way, one could say that omni-channel is the 2010s equivalent of the 1990s CRM revolution. In a way, the former is a natural extension of the latter. Omni-channel delivers on CRMs promise that organisations would be able to recognise each individual and deliver a personalised experience each and every time regardless of the channels of choice.

At Noetica we take this very seriously and aim to ensure that your contact centre agents are empowered to deliver a truly personalised experience across all channels. Of course, such channels are available in ever increasing levels of diversity. If ten years ago email, SMS and voice were the main channels, today’s world expects most organisations to be able to deliver meaningful interactions across social media, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger and an ever increasing number of other platforms. Our aim is to be able to accompany your organisation on this interesting journey.


Why choose Synthesys™?

1. Scripted, blended, CRM enabled inbound email, SMS & white mail

2. Email & SMS broadcast

3. Web-chat that blends with voice and seamlessly links to CRM

4. Agile web self service: Synthesys™ scripted apps easily deployed online