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Valium Online Norge, Buy Diazepam 2Mg Tablets

A dialler is a dialler. True? Not quite. Outbound, or proactive customer contact has evolved considerably over the last few years. Following a sustained period of adverse publicity, ever tightening regulatory constraints and diminishing returns from the more ruthless practices of aggressive cold calling, there has been a decline in the use of predictive diallers for such purposes.

This has led however to a quest for more sophisticated tools aimed at legitimate outbound customer contact that can deliver the efficiencies associated with predictive dialling yet dissociate these activities from the less scrupulous operators in this industry. There is a clear need for technologies that can enable legitimate users to proactively contact their customers without causing annoyance to the very people they wish to talk to.

The Noetica outbound technology is precisely this kind of tool.

To achieve this, without compromising on dialler performance, we have developed a set of new and original technologies, under the SmartBound™ banner, which challenge the orthodoxies that have dominated the dialler industry for too long. SmartBound™ allows users to enjoy all the benefits of predictive dialling (including Answer Machine Detection or AMD) without any of the associated risks which have been accepted as unavoidable for many years.

SmartBound™ allows users to enjoy all the benefits of predictive dialling without any of the associated risks...

Here are just a few of the new and innovative technologies within the SmartBound™ initiative:


This Synthesys™ technology takes some of the concepts well established in the inbound world and adapts them for outbound in order to eliminate the ‘dropped’ (abandoned) calls associated with predictive algorithms, delivering a dialler that can dial predictively yet deliver zero abandoned calls.



This refinement of the traditional and largely discredited Answer Machine Detection (AMD) technology, eradicates the toxic side effects associated with AMD by eliminating all silent calls normally resulting from the infamous ‘false positive’ effect (live people being mistaken for answering machines).



This new and disruptive technology delivers not only superior and more accurate Answer Machine Detection (AMD) but delivers remarkable uplifts of around 40% in SPH (Success Per Hour). This means achieving the same results with 40% fewer staff! Noetica holds an international patent on this technology.



We will be happy to arrange a live demo for you.
Valium To Buy to submit your details and we will be in contact with you shortly.