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Where Can I Buy Valium In Canada, Ordering Valium Online Legal

Reports are to a contact centre what the dials and instruments are to a pilot’s cockpit. A good, concise yet comprehensive set of reports makes the life of the pilot (that is you) much easier.

In Synthesys™, reporting comes in two flavours: real-time dashboards, wallboards or monitors and historical management information (MI) reports.

Noetica also encourages users to create their own reports by providing an open, replicable, documented database and detailed training on the static and dynamic data structures therein.

SyD™, the Synthesys™ Dashboard, provides hundreds of key performance indicators from five different perspectives: teams, campaigns, agents, dialler & licensing.

For instance, our browser based SyD™, the Synthesys™ Dashboard, is an invaluable tool that provides a constant stream of real-time, clear and extensive information to contact centre administrators, team leaders and managers about the current activities of their contact centre.

SyD™ provides hundreds of key performance indicators (KPIs) from five different perspectives: teams, campaigns, agents, dialler & licensing. SyD™ presents the data in both tabular and graphical form (charts, graphs, etc.). The data views are refreshed every 5 seconds.

Because of the tight integration between the Synthesys™ scripted apps, dialler and the voice platform (NVP™), Syd can provide real time information relating to agent activity. For instance, a supervisor can know within a few seconds what scripted app each agent is using, what customer they are talking to, how long they have been on the call and even how long they have been spending on each screen of their current app.

On the other hand, when thinking about historical management information reports Synthesys can deliver something quite subtle but extremely useful. Because of our unique blend of features ingeniously straddling telephony, multimedia, CRM and your own applications, the systems allows call centre managers to do something which is truly remarkable, being able to produce and analyse reports which link business transactions and agent performance.


From a telephony perspective, a call is nothing more than a collection of noises sometimes tagged with a time stamp, DDI, the occasional CLI and the user who was responsible. On the other hand, from business perspective, the same call is nothing more than zero, one or more transactions.

Most contact centres are not able to link these two ways of looking at a customer interaction.

With Synthesys™ this can be achieved with ease. Whether you want to analyse the relationship between agent skills and sales values or between time of day and conversion rates, it is all just a few mouse clicks away. For most of our customers this is just like lifting a dense fog to reveal the true nature of their call centre operation and what can easily be done in order to massively improve performance.

For instance, let's say that you have analysed your call durations and found that X% of your calls are over N minutes long and you would like to figure out why. The telephony system will probably tell you all you need to know about these calls from the perspective of telephony events (what numbers they came from, what time of day they came at, which agents handled them and so on) but it will tell you absolutely nothing about the content of these conversations even though their results may exist in various business databases.

Perhaps there is one minor change you could make which would at a stroke cut the length of these long calls in half. Without being able to link these calls to their content you will be confined to nothing but educated guesswork. This is where Synthesys™ can instantly provide you with a clear insight and pave the way for immediate efficiency improvements.

Why choose Synthesys™

1. Linking telephony and call content

2. SyD™ : a very useful KPI-rich real-time live monitor utility

3. A good set of predefined “out of the box” standard MI reports

4. Reporting portal for hosting your own reports