Think again

Think you need an expensive telephone switch to run a call centre?

Think again.

Noetica can deliver all the telephony you need for your call centre, complete with ACD, IVR, skills based routing, call recording and quality management at a cost that will surprise you.


You think that efficient predictive dialling cannot be completely Ofcom compliant?

Think again.

Noetica offers tried and tested predictive dialling with 0% dropped calls as well as accurate detection of all types of answering machines with 0% silent calls. Don’t believe it? Ask us for details.


You think that call scripting is for dummies and integration is complicated?

Think again.

Call scripting is not about reading text from a screen. Ours is about flexible, easily adjustable and fully integrated business processes which liberate your advisors to really listen to your customers.


User friendly contact centre productivity suite aimed at non-technical users.

Patented outbound technology designed to promote responsible and considerate yet super-efficient dialling.

Voice Platform NVP™
Highly cost effective telephony platform focused purely on the contact centre.


Dynamic visual call scripting
Good contact centre solutions should be able to provide seamless integration into most ‘line of business’ systems and deliver their functionality to contact centre agents at the right time in the conversation whilst simultaneously collecting useful information about agents’ activities and linking it to any business transactions. This is precisely what Noetica’s Synthesys™ call scripting is designed to do easily and rapidly.

Campaign management
Everything relating to campaigns in Synthesys™ is visual, ‘drag & drop’, operates across channels and takes effect instantly and imperceptibly to the agents. Indeed, agents need not be actively aware of what particular campaign they are working on at any given time as work is delivered to them seamlessly according to predefined strategies.

One of the many distinctive features of Synthesys™ campaign management is the use of on-screen visual manipulation of Venn diagrams to define many of the characteristics of individual campaigns.

Tactical CRM
CRM need not be an ‘all or nothing’ concept. Synthesys™ CRM is different in the sense that it is dedicated solely to supporting contact centre processes and not the enterprise as a whole. As such, it is more flexible and allows call centre administrators to create and make frequent changes to CRM entity structures without losing any of the power of the CRM concept. By seamlessly integrating the CRM entities into call scripts, Synthesys™ introduces a much needed process dimension to an otherwise data driven discipline.


SmartBound™ is Noetica’s initiative of pursuing technological innovation for outbound calling in order to guarantee full compliance with latest Ofcom and ICO regulations without losing any of the efficacy of a full-strength predictive dialler.

SNoDrop™ - Predictive Dialler with 0% dropped calls
We’ve taken some well-established concepts from inbound and call blending practices and adapted them for outbound in order to eliminate the ‘dropped’ (abandoned) calls associated with predictive algorithms, delivering a predictive dialler that is no less efficient but can generate 0% dropped/abandoned calls. Peace of mind without compromise.

LPD™ - Live Person Detection
Noetica-patented new, safe and accurate method for the automatic detection of answering machines and voicemail of any kind, ensuring that call centre outbound agents are only presented with live customer calls. It also filters out a great proportion of instant rejections, maintains call introductions consistently of a high quality and eliminates the 2 second initial pause associated with traditional Answer Machine Detection (AMD) technology.

LPD™ eliminates silent calls by design and generates 0% ‘false positives’, which are associated with old AMD technology, making it safe to use even under the latest strict Ofcom regulations.


With the almost universal adoption of SIP telephony and the already announced obsolescence of ISDN, the transition from on premise hardware based telephony to nimbler and considerably lower cost software based solutions is all but a foregone conclusion.

With Synthesys™, telephony comes bundled in
The Noetica Voice Platform (NVP™) includes everything you will need to run your call centre telephony. It is a software based PBX complete with ACD (Automated Call Distribution), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Quality Monitoring, Voice Recording, Skills & Ability Based Routing, Billing, Reporting and much more.

NVP™ is versatile and may be deployed anywhere
Whether on premise, in a private cloud or in the public cloud, NVP™ will work equally well. Noetica have the resources to provide competent expert advice and assistance in setting up voice paths into the call centre that are both reliable and deliver consistently excellent voice quality.

The age of the enterprise communication platform within call centres is coming to an end. The imposing racks of flashing lights and tangled wires in the air conditioned room at the back is no longer a source of corporate pride but a costly weight around your ankles. Call centre telephony should be agile, resilient and affordable. This is what the Noetica Voice Platform delivers.


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