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"This solution enabled our direct marketing and account management teams to work closely to create their own business processes for the call centre, allowing these to be driven purely by business needs, rather than depending on a costly IT department to produce what we had in mind."

Customer Services Manager, Telegraph Group

The Telegraph Group runs a number of concurrent campaigns targeting its customers and prospects with tailored subscription offers that are aimed at increasing the subscriber base of the Telegraph, Britain's largest selling broadsheet newspaper.

The operations, originally outsourced, have been brought in-house and expanded. The new Synthesys™ system went live in Q4 2001 with 101 agent seats, and is still fully operational today.

The Telegraph Group needed scalable technology that was able to operate within a clustered server environment so that multiple versions could be used simultaneously from different locations.

The flexibility for integration - not only with the networking infrastructure but also with a huge subscriptions database - was a key consideration. In addition, giving non-technical call centre staff the ability to create and amend campaigns at will was a pre-requisite.

The Telegraph set about identifying suitable technology and call centre bureaux. Telegraph Group Customer Services Manager explains, "We had for some time used the outsourcer's in-house product but decided to move to Synthesys™ following a successful trial and as part of our migration plan to our new Chatham contact centre."

This solution enabled our direct marketing and account management teams to work closely to create their own business processes for the call centre, allowing these to be driven purely by business needs, rather than depending on a costly IT department to produce what we had in mind. We also found that Synthesys™ provides an intuitive front end for complex interactions, which minimised staff training times."

Noetica's Synthesys™ also brought other time saving benefits to the Telegraph's operations. The Telegraph runs special offers targeted at specific demographic groups. Synthesys™ can conduct a search across the CRM records of all the campaigns at once to ensure that customers are given the offer that is tailored to their needs. The customers' CRM records are available throughout the phone call and can be used to personalise, make calculations, or used as values that determine the path of the conversations.