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Contact centres are not just about singular, isolated interactions between agents and customers.

Although First Call Resolution is always the ambition, it’s very desirability points to the fact that not all matters can be concluded within a single interaction.

Occasionally, several follow-on activities are required over a period of time to bring each case to a satisfactory conclusion. 

In many cases, more than one person would be involved at different times in the process and each one needs to be aware of previous actions and be guided as to the next required activity. Although a variety of enterprise workflow systems exist commercially, sometimes what is required is workflow functionality specifically aimed at the contact centre.

The Noetica software lends itself perfectly to the creation of workflow processes which follow each transaction through to its conclusion.

This is precisely the functionality that Synthesys™ provides. The Noetica software lends itself perfectly to the creation of workflow processes which follow each transaction through to its conclusion. Whether you are in the business of taking messages on behalf of your customers or despatch and manage field engineers or medics, set up appointments or handle emergency calls, Noetica has a solution which will work for you.

Synthesys™ has been used successfully for many years by our customers to handle complex, multi-interaction, multi-party transactions due to the unique combination of customised scripted apps and workflow escalation processes. The system comes complete with a field staff rostering module modelled on an abstract metaphor of ‘theatres, actors & roles’ whereby theatres could be branches, catchment areas or skillsets, the actors are the real people working within these ‘theatres’ and the roles are those that they fulfil within the workflow processed. This metaphor has proven extremely popular and remarkably adaptable over many years.

Of course, the Synthesys™ workflow system is not only tightly integrated to our scripted apps but also to the omni-channel methodology. Not only can customers initiate and pursue workflow cases across a variety of channels, but the contact with field personnel can also be managed across a wide variety of media ranging from voice to email and from SMS text messaging to mobile apps.

On a more simplistic level, the Synthesys™ scripted apps can automatically send personalised emails, update external databases, invoke web services and other APIs and communicate with other users using our proprietary instant messaging (IM) system which is included with any Synthesys™ installation.

Why choose Synthesys™?

1. Message handling and mobile workforce despatch

2. Fully integrated with Synthesys™ scripted apps

3. Omni-channel ‘out of the box’ for customers and field staff

4. Billing and full activity audits for call centre bureaux environments

5. Complex, multi-stage interactive processes


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