Noetica is an unusual software vendor. We look beyond the technology as we see our product as just one part of the mix we are able to offer our customers. Over half of our staff are dedicated to providing advice and assistance so that our clients make the best possible use of our technology.

Our Client Services department is staffed with experienced individuals who have spent most of their professional life working in contact centres of various types and across industries. They can offer a wealth of knowledge on every aspect of managing a finely tuned, effective and efficient contact centre operation.

Our Technical Support department will make sure that our products work for you all the time. Any issues that you experience with the use of our product range will be handled speedily, effectively and within strict SLAs. You will be able to raise tickets and track their progress online through our web based support platform and will be able to have regular reviews to ensure that we capture all your concerns and requirements.

Although our services are delivered according to well-defined procedures, with Noetica you will always find that human touch that is so often missing in many other services organisations.

From the moment you choose to work with Noetica, you will be able to draw on all this expertise. Our project managers and product experts will take you from zero to a fully live operation within weeks. Our trainers will deliver professional, classroom type courses for your staff either on site, in our training facilities or remotely on-line.

More recently, we have been able to expand our capabilities and offer extensive infrastructure services to our clients. With the addition of new members of staff who specialise in the design of technology landscapes including servers and system software, networking, SIP, database and general system architecture, we are now able to offer assistance and advice on the best way to deploy our technology in a much wider context and in line with your budget.

Although our services are delivered according to well-defined procedures, with Noetica you will always find that human touch that is so often missing in many other services organisations.

Although we support different clients across many industries we make a point in ensuring that we know each and every one of our customers personally and treat them all with the same attention and respect.

Contact Centre Solutions

We have spent years developing call centre software and expertise and currently offer range of contact centre solutions.


Noetica’s own Voice Platform (NVP™) is exactly what a modern, successful inbound contact centre needs. NVP™ provides cost effective inbound contact centre solution complete with PBX, ACD, IVR and CRM integrated Call Recording.


Our call scripting methodology and visual metaphor has evolved hugely over the last 20 years as we are constantly innovating. When you buy a product from us, you don’t just tick some boxes. You buy into a philosophy that aims to do things a little differently.


Fully enabled for either SIP or ISDN, NVP™ works with any soft or hard phone and can be located on premise or in a private or public cloud. It delivers flexible, crystal clear, reliable voice channels and very significant savings when compared to traditional telephony solutions.






SmartBound™ is Noetica’s patented predictive dialler technology allowing users to enjoy all the benefits of predictive dialling without any of the associated risks. Zero abandoned calls and Live Person Detection (LPD) with zero silent calls.


Synthesys™ is Noetica’s contact centre software designed to provide seamless integration into most of the ‘back-office’ systems and deliver their functionality to contact centre agents whilst at the same time collecting useful information about agents’ activities and linking it to any transactions in the other business systems.


We'll help you find the right strategy and products for your evolving business.


We'll help you find the right strategy
and products for your evolving business.


Low cost, high grade pure contact centre telephony. 


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Because no system is an island. Technology that blends into your landscape.