The last decade has witnessed a revolution in enterprise computing. The commoditisation of business applications and the dismantling of the mainframe monoliths in favour of browser based applications delivered conveniently from scalable servers either from private clouds (effectively corporate or co-located data centres) or from the public cloud (Microsoft, Amazon, Google & others) is almost complete.

It is virtually inevitable that a similar shift is about to hit the mainstream in enterprise telephony. With the almost universal adoption of IP telephony (SIP driven) and the already announced obsolescence of ISDN, the transition from on premise hardware based telephony to nimbler and considerably lower cost software based solutions is all but a foregone conclusion.

With Synthesys™, telephony comes bundled in.


The Noetica Voice Platform (NVP) includes everything you will need to run your call centre. It is a software based PBX complete with ACD (Automated Call Distributor), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Quality Monitoring, Voice Recording, Skills & Ability Based Routing, Billing, Reporting and much more.

The NVP is highly versatile and may be deployed anywhere. Whether on premise, in a private cloud or in the public cloud, the NVP will work equally well. Noetica have the resources to provide competent expert advice and assistance in setting up voice paths into the call centre that are both reliable and deliver consistently excellent voice quality.

The age of the enterprise telephony dinosaurs is coming to an end. The imposing rack of flashing lights and tangled wires in the air conditioned room at the back is no longer a source of corporate pride but a costly weight around your ankles. Call centre telephony should be agile, resilient and cost effective. This is what the Noetica Voice Platform delivers.

The Noetica Voice Platform™ is highly versatile and may be deployed anywhere. Whether on premise, in a private cloud or in the public cloud, this Platform will work equally well.



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