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SmartBound™: Predictive dialler patented technology with 0% abandoned calls and accurate Live Person Detection (LPD) with 0% silent calls

Outbound customer contact is often confused with ‘cold calling’, an association that has proven toxic to a technology that has many useful implementations. Although diallers can be misused and they sometimes are, in the vast majority of cases diallers are deployed responsibly by organisations which would struggle to operate without them.

Indeed, according to official industry figures, only 14% (!) of all dialler calls are for ‘cold calling’ or telemarketing purposes. The largest segment of the outbound industry by far (37%) is Proactive Customer Service. These are calls made in order to provide customers with information, reminders, notifications or a range of other services.

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What is a Predictive Dialler?

How does a Predictive Dialler work?

Predictive dialler (or predictive dialer if you prefer the US spelling) is a software that makes the process of reaching clients, leads, and contacts quick and efficient.

Predictive dialling is an automatic dialling system for outbound calling. This advanced technology automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers, saving the agents time as they don’t need to manually dial numbers and then wait for a response. Answered calls are passed to agents, and if a call goes unanswered, the predictive dialler quickly moves on to the next number in the contact list. Predictive dialling has many benefits as it improves productivity, reduces costs, eliminates human errors and more.

Predictive dialler is based on certain algorithms that support business objectives, which enables the software to make dialling decisions in line with business goals.

What is great about this technology is the ability of the predictive dialler to detect busy signals, voicemails, and other non-connections and only put the call through to an agent when a live person answers the phone. As a developer of an innovative predictive dialler technology, we go even further. Our disruptive Live Person Detection (LPD™) technology delivers safe and accurate detection of voicemail and most other answering machines with absolute zero silent calls and no initial silences.

Predictive Dialler Patented Technology TCPA and Ofcom compliant

All this does not change the fact that diallers and predictive diallers in particular have been associated with the shoddy practices of rogue telemarketers who have abused the predictive dialler technology over the years and caused a major backlash against an entire legitimate industry which employs many thousands of hard working people.

As a result, regulatory bodies around the world, such as the TCPA in the US and Ofcom & ICO in the UK, have been issuing ever tightening rules limiting the use of predictive diallers in general and practices of Answer Machine Detection (AMD) in particular. Read more about the era of tightening regulations on our page here. At Noetica, we believe that the solution is not to prohibit the use of diallers but to improve the predictive dialler technology with creative innovation.

This might be the best alternative in order to facilitate the good, responsible use of predictive diallers, without losing any of the benefits that predictive diallers can offer. Although the Noetica dialler had always provided a self-pacing predictive algorithm minimising the risk of regulatory breaches, we felt that this was no longer enough.

With this in mind, Noetica has recently launched its SmartBound™ initiative. Our technology innovations give a new lease of life for Predictive Diallers. SmartBound™ is not just a predictive dialler but a complete outbound strategy management suite. This advanced dialling technology has web services API for easy live data feeds, blended with inbound, email and chat even in predictive mode, fully Ofcom compliant and includes several new technologies.

Still wondering how a predictive dialler can exactly help a call centre? Explore below some of the new technologies included in our advanced predictive dialling technology that will deliver a massive impact on performance!


This Noetica technology delivers high performance predictive dialling with 0% abandoned calls (ACR) by leveraging methods derived from call blending techniques in a new and original way.


Ensures Inbound and Outbound calls are handled by the best performing agents on the day based on call type, skillset, ability and performance.


Live Person Detection (LPD™) is a disruptive technology delivering safe and accurate detection of voicemail and most other answering machines with absolute zero silent calls and no initial silences. This typically results in average uplifts of around 40% in SPH (Success Per Hour). Noetica holds an international patent on this technology.

Why choose SmartBound™?

1. Patented advanced dialling technology

2. Not just a dialler – a complete outbound strategy management suite

3. Patented ‘Live Person Detection’ – LPD™

4. Fully Ofcom compliant

5. Web services API for easy live data feeds

6. Blended with inbound, email & chat even in predictive mode


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We'll help you find the right strategy
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