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Synthesys™ App Studio – a different breed of call scripting software tool

Despite common misconceptions, call scripting, when used intelligently, is a liberating rather than a restrictive practice. In Synthesys™ we prefer to call them ‘scripted apps’ or ‘Synthesys™ Apps’. These call scripting apps are not there to dictate what agents say when engaged on a call with a customer.

Noetica is a British company developing call scripting software products for the global contact centre market. But what we do is more than just call scripting software. The real aim behind our call scripting apps is to embody the complex business processes which underpin such conversations and the information and systems required in order to bring them to successful conclusions each and every time. This increases First Call Resolution (FCR) rates, reduces call Average Handling Times (AHT) and frees agents from the necessity to memorise myriad processes, systems and data.

The Synthesys™ App Studio is a different breed of call scripting software tool, set apart from the rest of the pack by its completely original visual method of designing scripted apps. Seeing how this call scripting software works usually provokes the kind of “eureka” moment in anyone regardless of how familiar they may or may not be with other call centre scripting apps. The main goal of our call scripting software is to make each conversation better and more efficient and the customer experience that your staff deliver as effective and professional as possible.

Synthesys™ App Studio is a different breed of call scripting software tool

Synthesys™ App Studio is much more than just call scripting software

For instance, the way in which dynamic branching is implemented in Synthesys™ clearly yet almost imperceptibly imposes a level of logical rigour which would make even the most non-technical of users feel confident enough to tackle convoluted scripted app creation with confidence.

However, Synthesys™ App Studio is so much more than just call scripting software. It is also a powerful integration tool allowing the scripted app author to access all manner of external data sources in order to make the agent front end adapt and adjust to changing circumstances outside the script itself.

One of the main ways of achieving this goal is the ability to invoke Web Services APIs in order to retrieve information from line of business systems or services across the internet. For instance, a scripted app could use the precise and current exchange rate when performing an international transaction, perform an instant credit check or have access to the current weather wherever the caller happens to be.

Reversely, a Synthesys™ app can use web services to export data captured during customer interactions into external systems. Therefore, vital business systems and databases can be permanently synchronised with the latest transactions performed in the contact centre in a near real time manner.

In addition to this, and possibly more crucial to any contact centre operation, Synthesys™ call scripting apps manage to achieve a rather subtle but crucial feat. Our call scripting software converts a telephone conversation (or any interaction) from a collection of noises (or free text) into a data record in a database and links these records to the telephony information relating to each call.

This provides the missing link between the telephony statistics and the actual content of each call. Our call scripting software also provides a link threading together disparate transactions on various back office system as part of one front office interaction. All this can then be presented as highly effective management information (MI) that can be analysed and used to improve performance.

Why choose Synthesys™ Call Scripting Software?

1.  Call scripted apps rather than just scripts

2. The missing link between your telephony and line of business systems

3. “Out of the box” web services integration without programming

4. Perfect for web self-service for rapid deployment 

5. Database structures look after themselves behind the scenes


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We'll help you find the right call scripting strategy
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