The contact centre forms an integral part of the business. As such it is no surprise that contact centre agents are expected to be able to use ‘line of business’ systems on a regular basis. So far so good.

There are however difficulties arising from this assumption.

First of all, different departments of a business may be using different systems and even one department may be using several such ‘line of business’ systems.

This means that the typical contact centre agent needs to master all of these systems and is expected to know under which circumstances to use each one.

Secondly, business systems in use do not typically provide any functionality required in the contact centre. For instance, there is no logging and auditing of user (in this case agent) activity, there is no link to telephony, there is no connection between telephony activity and business transactions and no ability to extract meaningful KPIs.

Ideally, good contact centre solutions should be able to solve both of these issues by providing seamless integration into most of these ‘back-office’ systems and delivering their functionality to contact centre agents at the right time in the conversation whilst at the same time collecting useful information about agents’ activities and linking it to any transactions in the other business systems.

This is precisely what Noetica’s Synthesys™ software is designed to do.

The Synthesys™ unique call scripting technology working in tandem with the Synthesys™ CRM module form the perfect backbone for an integrated intelligent agent desktop.

With over 20 years of experience deploying contact centre software in complex technical environments, we have developed a whole range of tools and techniques that simplify the task of knitting together the best contact centre agent experience possible.

The Synthesys™ unique call scripting technology working in tandem with the Synthesys™ CRM module form the perfect backbone for an integrated intelligent agent desktop. However, integration can have many other aspects. For instance, at the data layer, regular import/export activities can automatically keep the Synthesys™ database in synch with many other data sources.

Integration can also work with third party systems such as banking, PCI compliance, geo-demographic web services and many others. At Noetica, we’ve likely seen it before and are not deterred by the most perplexing of integration conundrums. Try us. We like a challenge.


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