For an outsider or novice looking at our industry, contact centre technology is neatly divided into disparate areas of functionality: PBX, ACD, IVR, CRM, scripting, dialler, workforce management, voice recording and so on. The list is endless. So, it would seem that finding the best system is nothing more than a box ticking exercise.

However, look a little deeper and you will find that not all implementations are the same. The thought, effort and drive for excellence that goes into the creation of each area of functionality and the way in which these combine seamlessly to form an integrated, coherent whole which becomes much more than the sum of its constituent parts can make a huge difference.

At Noetica, we have never been in the business of ticking boxes. The desire to excel in everything we do and delight our customers permeates everything we create. Of course, we don’t always succeed in our aspiration to make everyone happy, but our products are designed to pleasantly surprise our customers in their combination of raw power and ultimate refinement.

To this end, we are constantly innovating and find ourselves at the cutting edge of our industry.

When you buy a product from Noetica, you don’t just tick some boxes. You buy into a philosophy that aims to do things a little differently.

Our call scripting methodology and visual metaphor has evolved hugely over the last 20 years but remains the gold standard for these types of applications. The separation of user interface from business logic and the automation of the underlying database are but two points in case. This creates a platform that can deliver powerful agent applications without the need for programmers or database experts.

In 2005 we were granted our first international patent for our ‘Script Aware’ predictive dialling technology which solves the problem of running effective predictive dialling for small teams of agents (as low as 6). More recently we patented our Live Person Detection (LPD™) technology which replaces the nearly obsolete and hugely problematic Answer Machine Detection (AMD) techniques with a new, safe and vastly more effective alternative.

Our unique on-screen visual manipulation of Venn diagrams is used throughout the product from dialler data loads to our new List Organiser. It is so simple, yet so effective that even the most non-technical of users ‘get it’ instantly and are able to use it straightaway.

A lot of our innovations come directly from our customers. We are constantly amazed by the ways in which clients use our products in inventive and unexpected ways. For instance, some of the technologies forming part of the SmartOut™ initiative (our campaign for responsible outbound calling) were developed in close cooperation with one of our clients for the benefit of all out users.

So, when you buy a product from Noetica, you don’t just tick some boxes. You buy into a philosophy that aims to do things a little differently. We don’t accept the norm or preconceptions. Things can always be better and we aim to make them so together with you.


We'll help you find the right strategy and products for your evolving business.


We'll help you find the right strategy
and products for your evolving business.


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