Contact Centre Agent Workflow Orchestration


Do your agents have to flick through several different systems and applications? Do they have to memorise which one is to be used for what purpose and cut and paste between them?

If so, you should expect frequent mistakes to be made, large amounts of time to be wasted, morale to be low and agent training time to go through the roof. Not to mention the fact that managers will have precious little stats as to what their agents are actually up to.

Clearly it is not reasonable to attempt to rewrite all these systems. However, what is possible and indeed easily achievable, is to separate the logic of the call centre processes from the line of business systems while delivering their underlying functions in a ‘just in time’ fashion to the agents as and when required by each process. This is known as the ‘intelligent desktop’ or ‘unified agent front end’, and Synthesys™ does it particularly well.

Our philosophy is that a deterministic business process underpins any interaction between your organisation and your customers. At various stages in each and every one of these processes, business systems other than Synthesys™ may be needed in order to allow the process to continue.

These business systems can vary in their nature, age, complexity and their underlying technologies. Synthesys™ provides ways of delivering their function to the agent in a timely and self-contained fashion so that users do not need to jump from one application to another or need to remember what system to use at each step.

The Synthesys™ App Studio provides easy to use, programming-free mechanisms which allow the resulting scripted apps to consume web services in a manner which is invisible to the agent (or self-service user) but can be utilised by the Synthesys™ app to communicate with any external application that exposes a web services API.

These web service calls are defined through user-friendly wizards and involve no coding. They can be simple or can be intricate, involving complex abstract variable data types. Although not aimed at the total beginner, the use of web service actions can be mastered by non-technical users with relative ease.

In addition to web services, Synthesys™ scripted apps support access directly to the database level. So, if external databases need to be interrogated or updated this can also be done with no need to master the art of writing complex SQL queries.

As well as providing the ability to consume web services, Synthesys™ exposes a rich set of web services for other applications to use. For instance, these web services allow an external application to:

– Search, insert or update Synthesys™ CRM records
– Update Synthesys™ CRM history or entity relationships
– Insert or update records for dialler campaigns or set up call backs

Synthesys™ also makes it easy to embed browser based applications directly into the scripted app at the correct point during the call.

For instance, through these web services, Synthesys™ can interface to various websites (your own, partners’, price comparison sites, etc.) and allow these websites to insert new leads into Synthesys™ and then directly into the dialler.

Synthesys™ also makes it easy to embed browser based applications directly into the scripted app at the correct point during the call.

Moreover, parameters can be passed from the script directly into the browser window, providing a highly effective way of reducing both the number of open windows on the agents’ desktops and cutting down (even eliminating altogether) the need for cutting and pasting of data from one application to another.

Keeping agents within the framework of a scripted app whilst accessing other systems, presents a range of other great advantages. It not only ensures that agents adhere consistently to the business process relevant to the type of interaction that they are handling but it also reduces agent handling time (AHT) for each call and it increases first call resolution (FCR) rates.

Why choose Synthesys™?

1. Synthesys™ scripted apps – the smart route to the unified agent desktop

2. Programming-free real time web services and database integration

3. Comprehensive web services APIs

4. Easy to use, embedded browser windows


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