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Adrian Flux

Noetica Enables Adrian Flux to Optimise Customer Call Handling with Human Process Automation and Predictive Dialling.

Adrian Flux is the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker, providing motor, home and bike insurance for more than 40 years. Based at East Winch Hall in King’s Lynn, its team of experts specialise in providing cover ranging from classic and vintage cars through to kit and heavily modified sports cars.

The majority of their inbound customer calls are greeted by one of Adrian Flux’s front-line team, who quickly determine which of its insurance specialist teams are best suited to handle the enquiry. Call Flow Manager at Adrian Flux, Jake Plumb comments: “We strive to answer all calls promptly and deliver a personal level of service every time.” With high volumes of website traffic generating an increasing number of calls, the company turned to Noetica and its Synthesys™ contact centre productivity tools, to optimise the efficiency of its 15-strong front-line team of receptionists, that then supply calls to the 250+ sales team.

Jake adds: “The cover we provide is tailored to the exact requirements of each customer. So, speaking with one of our experts on the telephone is the best way for customers to get a quote quickly, ensure they have right policy and only pay for the cover they need.” Using the powerful Human Process Automation (HPA™) capabilities within Synthesys™, every call is handled according to Adrian Flux’s best practice. Noetica’s next-generation process scripting technology ensures customers are directed to the right team as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst delivering the high-standard of personal service, for which the company is renowned.

“We are able to seamlessly blend our inbound and outbound calling which fully maximises the productivity of the entire team,” adds Jake. “When a member of the team becomes available and no inbound calls require attention, they are automatically presented with an outbound call.”

Jake Plumb, Call Flow Manager at Adrian Flux.

The Noetica system went live in April 2020, with the deployment of the technology being completed remotely, due to the lockdown imposed as a result of Covid-19. However, the team were soon able to logon and manage calls from home, just as they would if they were working from East Winch Hall. In addition, Adrian Flux has been able to introduce new outbound activities.

An excellent example of a productive new campaign, is the following up on new business opportunities generated through the insurer’s attendance at motor shows. This has been made possible by expanding the use of the Noetica platform to include its SmartBound™ predictive dialling functionality. Leads are ‘fed’ into the dialler and using Noetica’s patented technology a call is only routed to an available member of the team when it is confirmed that the call has been connected to a person.

Jake concludes: “The system is running very smoothly across inbound and outbound activity and the process we now have in place is much more streamlined.”