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Call Monitoring

Supporting your agents to deliver the best experience

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Real-time call monitoring

It is important for managers, supervisors and the quality team to be able to monitor interactions that are taking place in real-time to support agents on those difficult calls and to ensure that customers are receiving the best experience possible.

When utilising Noetica, for either inbound or outbound activity, we enable you to monitor every interaction taking place; to listen in on calls and to support your agents either by providing real-time coaching or supporting them with the customer interaction.

Real-time monitoring of calls

Our dashboards show you exactly what is happening in real-time within your contact centre. You can see those calls that are taking longer than expected and identify those agents that potentially need help.

We provide you with the ability to listen into calls as they are happening in your contact centre – to be by your agent’s side during potential challenging calls or to routinely monitor the performance of your agents and the experience you are delivering to customers.

Supporting agents with real-time coaching

Whether you are looking to support new agents, or be there for experienced agents as they navigate challenging calls with customers, we enable you to coach your agents in real-time.

When listening in to an interaction, we provide the capability for the manager or supervisor to talk to the agent without the customer hearing what is said. Traditionally, this was called ‘call whispering’ and is where the supervisor is able to provide guidance to the agent as they interact with the customer. This enables for more calls to be resolved first time while also providing highly effective real-time coaching to agents.

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Joining calls in real-time

There are certain calls that require a supervisor or manager to enter the conversation to support the agent with their interaction with the customer.

Noetica fully supports live calls to be effectively conferenced with a supervisor or manager to enable a three-way conversation with the customer. This can be requested by the agent or instigated by the supervisor while listening into a call and enables all parties to interact freely. This is highly effective in dealing with difficult calls, injecting expertise when necessary and ensuring the customer gets the best possible experience.

The benefits of Noetica Call Monitoring

Managing <br>quality


By enabling supervisors and managers to listen in to calls as they are happening and ensuring the best possible quality and experience is being delivered.

Effective agent coaching

Effective agent coaching

With the ability to coach and guide agents during an interaction by providing in-call advice and guidance.

Increasing first call resolution

Increasing first call resolution

Through either guiding agents during calls or entering interactions to provide support and expertise to resolve customer needs.

Your questions answered:

What is call monitoring?

Call monitoring is the ability see each and every interaction taking place in your contact centre and to listen-in to calls as required either to review quality or to assist agents on challenging interactions.

What is call whispering?

Call whispering, or Live Agent Assistance, is the ability, when monitoring a call in real-time, to speak to the agent without the customer hearing what is being said. This enables supervisors and managers to provide real-time coaching to agents to assist them in better dealing with the customer’s needs.

What is ‘call barging’?

Call barging is where a supervisor or manager is able to join the conversation between an agent and a customer. This allows supervisors to fully support their agents during challenging calls and provide the knowledge or expertise to deal with the customer enquiry.

Want to learn more about Call Monitoring?

If you want to understand more about the real-time call monitoring we can provide across your inbound and outbound contact centre activity, then simply reach out to the team.