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Noetica for Mitel

Predictive Dialling for Mitel users

MiContact Center Outbound

Noetica has worked closely with Mitel across the globe enhancing the Mitel contact centre portfolio with advanced predictive dialling, campaign management and call scripting capabilities.

Noetica is a branded Mitel OEM solution provider and a Platinum Preferred MSA Partner. Our products are marketed by Mitel under the Mitel MiContact Center Outbound name as part of the wider Mitel MiContact Center suite.

These solutions can be provided by both Mitel directly and Mitel partners.

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Full suite of outbound dialling capabilities

MiContact Center Outbound, powered by Noetica, delivers a full range of outbound dialling capabilities from within the Mitel platform including, Preview, Progressive, Power and Predictive dialling.

The solution incorporates all of Noetica’s technical advantages including SNoDrop predictive dialling that drives greater productivity with virtually no possibility of a dropped call, and Live Person Detection (LPD) that connects agents to more live customers while eradicating silent calls.

This enables Mitel customers to leverage a proven predictive dialler solution fully embedded in their existing contact centre platform.

Embedded campaign management and call scripting

As part of our embedded MiContact Center Outbound solution, users gain the full benefit of our campaign management and call scripting.

We provide comprehensive tools for users to define their outbound campaigns and to ingest the data to support this activity. Our visual data segmentation capability allows you to build highly targeted call lists and to assign agents with the right skills and abilities to deliver the best possible outcomes.

We also provide Synthesys Call Scripting, an intuitive visual app studio that enables you to define the optimum flow of each call. This guides agents through every step of the call and seamlesly integrates into your existing systems to provide the information they need, when they need it.

A fully integrated solution into your Mitel environment

Our close partnership with Mitel means that your MiContact Center Outbound solution is a seamlessly integrated environment providing a single, familiar solution for your contact centre.

We are able to deploy in line with your Mitel environment either as an on-premises solution or as a hosted deployment.

The benefits of MiContact Center Outbound

Single integrated solution

Single integrated solution

One embedded MiContact Center solution that delivers your inbound and outbound contact centre requirements.

Improved <br>productivity


By leveraging a predictive dialler that not only maximises dial attempts but also the time your agents spend speaking to customers.

Better call <br>outcomes

Better call

By enabling you to highly target your outbound campaigns and always connect customers with the best possible agent to deliver the best outcomes.

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MiContact Center Outbound Brochure

MiContact Center Outbound Brochure

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MiContact Center Scripting Datasheet

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Mitel Infrastructure Prerequisites

Mitel Infrastructure Prerequisites

Understand the prerequisites of your Mitel infrastructure to fully support MiContact Center Outbound.
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Want to learn more about MiContact Center Outbound?

If you are a Mitel reseller and want to propose MiContact Center Outbound to a customer, or a Mitel user looking to discover more, then simply reach out to the Noetica team.