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Noetica Advisory Services

Guiding you on your contact centre journey

Contact centre consulting & advisory services

At Noetica, we live and breathe contact centres with approaching nearly three decades of experience in helping both inbound and outbound contact centres to improve performance and make the most effective use of technology.

We are both operational practitioners and technologists, the perfect mix to address your challenges, advise you on best practice, and guide you in applying the best technology to support your operation.

Experts in outbound contact centres

We have deep-rooted expertise in outbound contact centres across many different sectors and applied to a wide range of use cases.

We can help you to clearly define the goals and objectives of your outbound operation. We then advise you on leveraging and segmenting data, building campaigns, and using the various dialling technologies to drive efficiencies while ensuring the best possible experience and outcomes for your customers. Whilst doing all this, our top priority is to ensure that you remain fully compliant with all laws and regulations applicable in your country or region.

We bring valuable insights into what is possible, what works best and the key areas where you need to focus your attention.

Developing blending strategies

We are seeing more and more contact centres blend agents across both inbound and outbound calls as well as embracing omni-channels such as email and, SMS.

We can help you to define your blending strategy and assist in this across your inbound and outbound activity. In particular, we bring extensive experience of mapping agent skills and abilities to various interaction types to drive better customer experience and to segment and prioritise queues to ensure efficient yet responsive, service.

Helping you to empower your agents

Creating highly effective agents not only delivers better customer outcomes, but it has a positive impact on agent retention.

At Noetica, we understand what agents need to be successful and how to create scripted apps to guide them through optimal conversations. We can help you to review the tools and systems you provide your agents, to identify what is restricting them and creating friction in the customer experience. We then help you to understand what is possible and how you can reimagine the agent desktop to empower them to be more successful.

The value delivered by Noetica Advisory Services

Structure your <br>thinking

Structure your

Our experience enables us to be structured in our thinking and pragmatic in our approach which ultimately delivers the best results.

Benefit from <br>experience

Benefit from

By leveraging our experience of many contact centre projects to understand the approach of others and what is considered best practice.

Clarity on technology roadmap

Clarity on technology roadmap

By sharing our deep understanding and experience on regulations in the different parts of the world and how to ensure compliance.

Let’s talk about your
contact centre

Whether you are looking to transform your contact centre or have a specific challenge you want help with, we would love to talk to you; simply reach out to the Noetica team.