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Noetica Professional & Integration Services

Implementing contact centre technology

Deploying, integrating & optimising contact centre technology

Whereas the technology you select is critical for your contact centre, it is how you deploy, integrate and optimise this technology that makes the true difference.

At Noetica, we don’t start with ‘what you want,’ but ‘what you want to achieve.’ This enables our technical team to deploy the right technology, in the right way to deliver the outcomes you require. You will find us great problem solvers, not just addressing your challenges, but finding better ways for you to work.

Requirements analysis &
solution design

In defining your requirements, we start from understanding what it is you want to achieve and then immersing ourselves in your business and what it would take to achieve your desired outcomes.

We work backwards from the outcomes to define the solution requirements: how do we realise your outbound and/or inbound strategy and what are the capabilities we need to deliver to managers, supervisors and your agents?

We apply all of our expertise and experience to architect a solution that works for you, basing this on a solid foundation, but ensuring we cater for the specific nuances of your business and how you want to work.

Deployment & integration

Your solution has to work in your environment and be fully integrated into the applications and systems that underpin your business.

We can deploy our technology on premise or in a cloud environment – aligning to your IT strategy. Our open platform is then able to seamlessly integrate into your communication platforms or provide you an IP telephony solution specifically for your contact centre.

We work with your operational team to configure our solution against your specific environment, build scripted apps to support each of your call types and create the connectors to integrate your contact centre environment with your existing systems.

Adoption & optimisation

You will get the most out of your Noetica solution if it is fully adopted by your managers, supervisors and agents and as such, we focus on driving value to everyone.

We find that including all stakeholders throughout deployment significantly improves adoption. We combine this with both structured end-user training and supporting your team as the solution is rolled out across your operation.

Post go-live, we continue to work with your team to leverage the wealth of insights our solution delivers and to continually optimise it to drive improved performance and outcomes.

The value delivered by Noetica Professional & Integration Services

Reduced time to value

Reduced time to value

By adopting Noetica’s methodical approach, our customers are able to achieve much greater levels of value, quicker.

Fully meet requirements

Fully meet requirements

By not taking a one-size fits all approach, but tailoring a solution that fully aligns to how you work and your specific requirements.

Ensuring user adoption

Ensuring user adoption

By including all stakeholders in the journey, taking into account their specific needs and deploying a solution they love.

Let’s talk about your deployment

Our technical team would be more than happy to walk you through our approach and explore your specific requirements. Simply reach out to the Noetica team.