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Voice recording

Capturing every interaction with your customers

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Recording every inbound and outbound call

Whether you are looking to record for compliance purposes or to perform quality management, Noetica ensures that every inbound and outbound call can be recorded.

Our comprehensive voice recording platform enables you to define which interactions you want to capture, how long you want to retain them, and how you want to leverage these recordings.

Call recording for compliance and risk management

For organisations operating in regulated sectors, we provide a comprehensive and robust way to ensure that every call required to be captured is fully recorded.

By linking each call to the CRM record, we make the search and retrieval process of calls far easier than traditional approaches. You can quickly identify calls associated to an agent, a customer, or a transaction. What is more, where a transaction spans multiple inbound and/or outbound calls, all of the associated calls can be identified and sequentially replayed.

Call recording for quality management

We enable you to determine which calls are recorded; this may be a selective sample across your entire centre, or you may wish to record all calls for new agents or a particular activity.

We then provide an intuitive call replay solution that allows your managers, supervisors and quality team to select and replay calls for review. By leveraging our solution across both inbound and outbound activity, you gain control over the quality of the customer experience and can drive continual coaching, development and improvement for your agents.

Speech Analytics ready call capture

With Noetica call recording, you are able to filter the call by channel, i.e. one channel is the agent, and the other channel is the customer. Our solution also provides high resolution stereo recordings. This provides the perfect source data for your chosen speech analytics platform.

Our open platform also provides you with choice in terms of the long-term retention of recordings. You are able to leverage our strong compression to reduce storage requirements, and then archive to your cloud or network-based storage solution.

The benefits of call recording

Ensure full <br>compliance

Ensure full

By capturing every interaction and retaining this for the period required to meet regulatory compliance.

Faster resolution to disputes

Faster resolution to disputes

By being able to quickly identify the call or transaction in question and retrieve and playback the recording of this.

Improved agent performance & quality

Improved agent performance & quality

By utilising call recordings to review quality and customer experience and using this to manage and improve agent performance.

Your questions answered:

Can I record inbound and outbound calls?

Yes, with a Noetica voice recording solution you are able to capture both inbound and outbound calls and even IVR interactions and calls that get transferred within your contact centre.

How long can I retain a recorded call?

Noetica voice recording enables you to define how long a call recording is saved. With our open platform we are able to compress recordings for long-term archiving and allow you to leverage your own or a third-party storage infrastructure.

Can I feed my call recordings into speech analytics?

The best way to record calls to feed speech analytics is either through high quality stereo or to separate the channels with the customer recorded on one channel and the agent on another; this enables for each side of the conversation to be analysed. This is exactly how Noetica records calls.

Want to learn more about Noetica call recording?

If you want to discuss your requirements for recording inbound and outbound calls, simply reach out to the Noetica team.