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PCI DSS Compliance

Ensuring your contact centre can take secure payments

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Secure & PCI DSS compliant payments

If you are taking payments from customers in your contact centre, you need to ensure that this is done in a secure manner and is fully PCI DSS compliant.

With our solutions, we ensure that no payment information enters your contact centre, securing each transaction and taking your contact centre out of scope of demonstrating PCI DSS compliance.

Utilising DTMF masking

When it is time to collect a payment, you want your customers to be able to enter their card payment details but for these to be neither audible nor accessible to your agents.

We partner with leading providers of secure payment technologies to provide a seamlessly integrated solution. Through the use of DTMF masking, these solutions enable payment details to be entered during the conversation with the agent, without the tones being audible to the agent or any of the sensitive data entering your contact centre environment.

Allowing your customers to pay by digital link

Many customer now want to pay by eWallets such as ApplePay and GooglePay and also to have the option to pay by bank. This makes the experience easier for customers and in many cases more cost effective for you.

Through our partnerships we are able to offer a solution that can automatically send a digital link to your customer at the point they need to pay and once again, securely take this payment without any sensitive data entering your contact centre environment. This approach is a full omnichannel capability working equally as well while on a telephone call, via SMS or email.

The benefits of secure, PCI DSS compliant payments

Ensures PCI DSS compliance

Ensures PCI DSS compliance

By removing the contact centre from scope of PCI DSS and ensuring that all sensitive payment information is captured in a secure and compliant platform.

Reduces business <br>risk

Reduces business

By ensuring that no sensitive data is held within your organisation and removing the risk of a damaging data breach.

More completed transactions

More completed transactions

By ensuring your customers trust you when making a payment and have more choices in the way they can complete a transaction.

Your questions answered:

What is PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard defines the way organisations, including contact centres, protect sensitive payment information. It defines how information should be collected and secured to reduce risk of this data being accessed or stolen.

What is the PCI DSS impact on contact centres?

If sensitive payment data enters the contact centres or systems used within the contact centre, then you need to ensure that how this data is collected, processed and stored is highly secure and fully PCI DSS compliant. This can prove extremely expensive and time consuming.

How do you ensure PCI DSS compliance in a contact centre?

The best way to ensure PCI DSS compliance within a contact centre is to prevent any sensitive payment information from entering your contact centre. This is done through leveraging a secure and compliant payment solution that can take the contact centre out of scope of compliance.

Want to learn more about call recording pause & resume?

If you would like to know more about how we implement call recording pause and resume to protect sensitive payment details, please contact our team.