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Noetica Intelligence

Timely, actionable insights for contact centres

Contact centre dashboards & trends reporting

By their very nature, contact centres are dynamic environments. Demand can change significantly during the course of a day and over time, customer preferences and behaviours evolve, and you need to be able to spot the trends.

Our deep understanding of how contact centres work and best practice on how they need to be managed, has enabled us to create Noetica Intelligence. We provide you with a suite of real-time dashboards and comprehensive historical reports that allow you to manage the ‘now’, identify trends and explore the ‘why’ and ‘what ifs’.”

Managing the ‘Now’ with real-time dashboards

Knowing what happened yesterday can only help so much in managing what is in front of you right now. You need to have real-time visibility into your operation; this is what creates agility and allows you to take every eventuality in your stride.

With Noetica, we monitor hundreds of performance indicators, refreshed every 5 seconds. This allows you to select the KPIs that provide you with control over your operation and have them intuitively visualised in your personal dashboard. You can instantly see changes in demand, the performance of your team and the effectiveness of your operation.

Identifying the trends with historic reporting

Customer behaviour and preferences are constantly changing. You need to understand these trends and be able to adapt your operation to respond to them.

With Noetica Intelligence, you gain comprehensive standard reports that combine interaction data with key business data from call scripts and your systems. This enables you to gain a holistic, single view of the truth and to identify trends across every aspect of your contact centre including teams, campaigns, agents, transactions and dialler performance.

By understanding the detail of what is happening, you are able to accurately predict and be ready for the future.

Understanding the ‘Why’ with drill-down detail

Whereas most reporting tools provide you with detail of what has happened, we take that important step in helping you to understand why this is happening.

By linking operational data with customer and transactional data, we enable you to drill down on trends. Through capturing the step-by-step progress of each interaction, we enable you to understand, for example, why call durations are increasing. Are transactions becoming more complex or is it simply the case that agents are getting stuck on a particular process?

With this level of actionable insights, contact centre managers can gain the visibility they need to better align and manage their operation.

The value delivered by Noetica Intelligence

Greater operational control

Greater operational control

By having the real-time visibility across the contact centre and being able to respond quickly to changing demand and workload.

Improved planning & alignment

Improved planning & alignment

By identifying trends early and continually aligning the capability and service of the contact centre to customer needs.

Creating greater <br>agility

Creating greater

By not just understanding what is happening, but why it is happening and realigning resources and skills to changing demand.

Your questions answered:

What are Contact Centre KPIs?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are critical for contact centres. Typical KPIs that are measured include Average Handle Time (AHT), Average Wait Time (AWT), First Call Resolution (FCR), however every contact centre is different, and you should be measuring what is critical for your operation and customers.

What are Contact Centre Dashboards?

Contact centre dashboards and wall boards are a way of displaying real-time data associated to KPIs. These are used by managers and supervisors to understand what is happening now in their contact centre and to motivate agents on key performance metrics.

What are Contact Centre Insights?

Contact centre insights are derived from historic reporting where trends can be identified across such factors as demand, performance and outcomes. Contact centre historic reporting provides the insight into your key metrics over time.

What is Contact Centre Intelligence?

We believe true contact centre intelligence is derived from understanding what is happening, ‘insights,’ and then being able to drill down into ‘why’ this is happening, the true actionable intelligence that enables you to adapt and align to the needs of your customer and business goals.

Let’s talk contact centre intelligence

If you are looking to gain greater insights and intelligence into your contact centre operation, we would love to share what is possible and the impact it can have; simply reach out to our team.