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Noetica ACD

Connecting customers to the best agent

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Providing a responsive & effective service to customers

When your customers call, they want to be connected quickly to an agent, but more importantly, they want to be connected from the start to an agent who is able to deal with their enquiry, first time, every time.

We help you do this with an ACD that has been designed to work how contact centres work, and to deliver the experience that your customers deserve.

Automatic Call Distributor

The Noetica ACD provides you with a fully featured inbound contact centre platform to deliver the advanced capabilities required by your customer-facing teams, driving both productivity and effectiveness.

With our ACD you can assign different call types to individual call queues and define how each of these call types should be handled, including their flow through IVR, in-queue messaging, agent skills required and priority over other call queues. This enables you to be more efficient in the way you handle calls as well as presenting the customer with a far better experience.

Ensuring customers are connected to the right agent

Our ACD solution utilises Noetica’s Skills and Ability Based Routing Engine (SABRE™) that not only routes calls based on the required skill to deal with that call, but also leverages a dynamically adjusted ability rating to ensure that each call is passed to the agent best positioned to deal with it.

We also take call routing to the next level with personalisation. Our ACD comes complete with its own CRM application enabling you to map your customers to specific agents or agent groups. Where appropriate and possible, this means that customers are automatically routed to their assigned agent, ensuring continuity of engagement and that personal touch.

More than just call routing

With our inbound solution you gain more than just call routing; we also support other channels such as email providing you with the ability to blend interactions across channels and agents.

Our ACD solution seamlessly operates with our predictive dialling solution providing you with a single solution for both your inbound and outbound requirements. In addition, we offer a wide variety of additional applications including IVR, Call Monitoring, Call Scripting, Call Recording and PCI DSS compliance.

The benefits of Noetica ACD

Improve customer experience

Improve customer experience

By routing calls more efficiently and effectively as well as being able to deliver continuity and personalisation.

Embrace digital channels

Embrace digital channels

With the ability to handle voice and email in a single inbound contact centre solution.

Improve contact centre productivity

Improve contact centre productivity

By more efficient use of agents, reducing Average Handle Time (AHT) and increasing the number of First Contact Resolutions (FCR).

Your questions answered:

How do I queue calls ?

By utilising an ACD you can receive more calls than you have agents available; this is achieved by holding calls in a queue while an appropriate agent becomes free.

Is an ACD just for calls?

Traditionally, as its name suggests, an Automated Call Distributor was just for inbound calls, but today, additional interaction channels have been added to their capabilities and as with Noetica, they are able to route emails.

What is personalised routing?

Personalised routing is where the customer is identified by their phone number or email address when an interaction arrives, and a lookup is performed in the CRM to determine the agent allocated to that customer. The interaction is then able to be routed directly to that individual if available.

Want to learn more about Noetica ACD and inbound solutions

Our team would welcome the opportunity to learn about your specific requirements and walk you through a demonstration of how Noetica can support this.