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Advanced Call Recycling

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Being smart in the way you recycle calls

When a call attempt fails, it is more than a case of trying again later. You want to be smarter than that and apply carefully thought-out rules that maximises your chance of success on the subsequent call attempt.

We not only enable you to create sophisticated call recycling rules, we make it simple for you to visualise and build these. With advanced call recycling we help you significantly increase your call contact rate.

Visual creation of call recycling rules

We find that simple rules are too restrictive when attempting to design call recycling rules; it leads organisations to oversimplify conditions and ultimately be far less effective.

This is why with Noetica we provide a visual call recycling editor. This enables you to intuitively construct elaborate yet easy to understand rules which embody consistent calling strategies incorporating functions such as pause for X hours, try different numbers, move to different campaigns, etc to create and continually refine the most effective call recycling process for each of your campaigns.

Different rules for call outcomes

Different campaigns require different recycling rules. For example, a debt management campaign warrants more call attempts than a pure prospecting campaign. We enable you to create generic recycling rules which can then be refined at the campaign and list levels.

We also enable you to embed advanced logic into your recycling rules utilising dynamic conditions such as the aborted call reason. For example, a ‘line busy’ may warrant a recycle after 30 mins, whereas a ‘no answer’ is better served with a recycle time of 4 hours and an ‘unobtainable number’ can drive a call attempt to a secondary number.

Insights into your recycling effectiveness

Like every aspect of Noetica contact centre solutions, detailed insights are provided on the effectiveness of your call recycling rules to enable you to continually learn and optimise.

You will be able to drill down within campaigns and across campaigns to understand the effectiveness of your different types of recycling policies and develop the optimum best practice for each type of campaign. This not only assists you in finessing your rules but provides valuable insights for campaign planning and call list segmentation.

The benefits of Noetica Advanced Call Recycling

Call recycling <br>your way

Call recycling
your way

We do not restrict you in how you want to recycle calls, in fact, we open up more possibilities for you to be smarter.

Increased outbound success

Increased outbound success

By optimising your call recycling rules to connect with more customers in the lowest number of call attempts.

Maximising agent productivity

Maximising agent productivity

By optimising each campaign to work more effectively and reducing the long-tail of campaigns.

Your questions answered:

What is call recycling?

When performing outbound dialling in a contact centre you will have call attempts that fail to connect to the customer for a variety of reasons such as ‘no answer’ or ‘number busy’, etc. Call recycling is how you place these customers back into your call lists for subsequent redials.

What is call recycling best practice?

There are most definitely proven approaches for call recycling, but these are very dependent on the type of outbound campaign you are operating. With Noetica, we enable you to create advanced call recycling rules at the campaign level.

How many call attempts is too many?

The number call attempts you make with your predictive dialler should be aligned with the outbound campaign you are executing. For example, in a debt recovery scenario you may will want to recycle far more than you would with a pure prospecting campaign. The secret is applying the most appropriate rules to each campaign.

Want to learn more about Noetica Advanced Call Recycling?

If you are interested in learning more about the different approaches to call recycling and understand how our solutions can help you, then simply reach out to the team.