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Skills & Ability Routing

Connecting the best agent to each customer

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Maximising every customer interaction

Your customers want to speak to an agent that is knowledgeable and is able to help them in a single call. Your goals are simple; you want to maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome on each interaction, whether that be inbound or outbound.

We achieve this by not just leveraging skills-based routing but connecting each customer through to the right agent based on their skill level, ability and recent performance. We enable you to connect your customer not just to the right agent, but to the best agent.

Agent skills, ability & performance

We believe that agents are defined by more than just their skills; it is their ability within these competencies and also their track record of recent performance.

We therefore enable you to define those attributes that you believe are important and to rank your agents against these attributes. This means you can clearly distinguish between agents that possess the same skills but have varying levels of ability.

We also enable you to track performance in terms of call outcomes against agents – in essence ranking agents in terms of their likelihood of generating a positive outcome from a customer interaction.

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Perfectly matching agents to each call

SABRETM allows you to define a ‘skill condition’ for each of your inbound call types and outbound campaigns, specifying what skills, abilities and performance levels are required. We allow you to do this with scaled competency levels i.e. minimum level of skill to conduct a specific outbound campaign.

This ensures that the starting pool of potential agents always meets the minimal threshold of what is required for that call. We then take this one step further, selecting from this pool based on performance rather than other factors such as ‘longest waiting agent’ – this allows you to maximise every opportunity and we find this delivers a 15-25%uplift in direct revenues.

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Lifting overall contact centre performance

With Noetica’s SABRE™ innovative technology, you not only increase the performance across specific areas, you are also able to see a contact centre-wide uplift in performance.

By its very nature, SABRE™ introduces an element of gamification into your contact centre teams. Agents achieving successful outcomes are rewarded by an instant increase in their skills and ability scores, which in turn results in more opportunities being passed to them.

At a time when agent retention is critical, this ability to automate agent skill and ability assessment can motivate the whole team to improve performance.

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The benefits of skills & ability routing

Better customer experience

Better customer experience

By ensuring that each and every customer interaction is being handled by the best possible agent.

Improve call <br>outcomes

Improve call

By having agents with the right skills and ability deal with customers and always utilising your best performing agents.

Improve agent <br>morale

Improve agent

By incentivising and motivating your agents to apply their ‘A’ game and consistently deliver the best performance.

Your questions answered:

What is skill-based routing?

Skills-based routing is a way to define agent skills and competencies and then use these as a factor in determining which call is routed to which agent.

Can I use skills-based routing on outbound?

Definitely, Noetica’s SABRE technology allows you to apply skill and ability-based routing rules to both inbound call types and outbound campaigns ensuring you always have an appropriate agent connected to the customer.

What is agent performance-based routing?

This is where the recent performance of the agent is used as an additional factor to skill and ability to determine the best possible agent to route an inbound or outbound call to – it is a key capability of Noetica SABRE.

Want to learn more about skills & ability-based routing?

Our team would welcome the opportunity to learn about your specific requirements and walk you through a demonstration of how Noetica can support this.