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SmartBound Predictive Dialler

Delivering maximum productivity with zero annoyance

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Welcome to intelligent predictive dialling

We don’t simply dial telephone numbers, we enable our clients to work smarter than that. Through our SmartBound intelligent predictive dialler, we enable you to micro-target your outbound campaigns, to efficiently and responsibly automate dialling and ensure you create highly effective customer engagements.

We are helping our clients to proactively engage with customers to deliver better customer experience, increase customer interactions and deliver far greater performance and outcomes in their contact centres.

Sophisticated data management simplified

Experience has taught us that the most effective outbound campaigns start with data and this is why this is at the heart of our SmartBound Predictive Dialler.

We don’t limit your capability with a predefined dataset; we provide you with a powerful wizard that allows you to ingest all of the data you need to build highly effective campaigns. Our Visual Data Segmentation tool then allows you to leverage all of this data in an intuitive way to build highly targeted lists to maximise the effectiveness of your outbound activity.

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Outbound campaigns that work your way

We recognise that you want to conduct outbound campaigns your way, aligning business need with customer preferences. That’s why we provide flexibility and agility rather than a restrictive way of working.

We allow you to define the nuances of each campaign, set priorities across all activities, define the agent skills required, the hours when the campaign is active and the specific dialling method and recycling patterns that are right.

We then provide comprehensive insights into the operational performance of each campaign enabling you to continually monitor and optimise performance.

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Smart predictive dialling

At the heart of our predictive dialler is our SNoDrop™ technology ensuring the highest level of performance with 0% abandoned calls (ACR).

We support the full range of dialling methods including preview, progressive and predictive, as well as enabling you to blend agents across campaigns and inbound/outbound activity. Our unique SABRE™ technology, the best possible agent in terms of skills, ability and performance is always connected to the customer.

We further increase productivity through our Live Person Detection (LPD™) capability that provides safe and accurate detection of voicemail and answer machines with absolutely zero silent calls and no initial silences. This capability can increase SPH (success per hour) by 40%.

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The benefits of Noetica
SmartBound Predictive Dialler

Improve outbound productivity

Improve outbound productivity

By maximising the time that your agents spend talking to the right customers through intelligent automated dialling.

Reduce <br>risk


By ensuring you don’t annoy customers by never dropping a call, delivering silence or having that awkward pause before calls are connected.

Increase successful outcomes

Increase successful outcomes

By ensuring that the best possible agent is always connected to a live customer and significantly increasing successful outcomes every day.

Your questions answered:

What is predictive dialling?

Predictive dialling is a way of automating the dialling process and only passing answered calls through to agents while doubling agent talk time. The technology works by leveraging algorithms to predict the rate of over-dialling in order to maximise agent productivity.

What is a dropped call?

A dropped call is when a predictive dialler generates more answered calls than agents available and as such drops one or more of these connections. A drop call is something you will almost never experience with Noetica.

What is answer machine detection?

Answer machine detection is legacy technology used to determine if an answered call is actually connected to voicemail or an answer machine. This technology has been superseded by Live Person Detection that removes the risk of silent calls.

What is call blending?

Call blending is where agents are deployed to answer inbound calls as well as make outbound calls – call blending can seamlessly respond to the peaks and troughs in inbound calls by supplementing these with outbound dials.

Let’s talk predictive dialling

We love to talk about predictive dialling, it is our specialism and we have lived and breathed this world for over 20 years. Whatever your question, we are more than happy to have a chat.