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Noetica for Talkdesk

Predictive Dialling for Talkdesk users

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Talkdesk advanced dialler

The partnership between Noetica and Talkdesk extends the Talkdesk AI-powered contact centre platform with an advanced predictive dialling capability.

Talkdesk Advanced Dialler delivers all of the capabilities and benefits of Noetica’s market-leading predictive dialler fully embedded into the Talkdesk CX Cloud platform.

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Supporting all of your outbound requirements

The Talkdesk Advanced Dialler powered by Noetica provides all modes of dialling including preview, progressive, power and predictive.

This enables Talkdesk users to drive the maximum productivity in their contact centre outbound teams while ensuring the strictest compliance with national regulatory regimes around the world such as TCPA in the US and Ofcom in the UK.

Comprehensive campaign management and call scripting

Talkdesk Advanced Dialler comes complete with Noetica’s market-leading campaign management.

This enables you to define and target each outbound campaign, ingesting data from existing systems, building call lists utilising our visual data segmentation tool and assigning the right agents with the right skills and abilities to each campaign.

A fully integrated solution into your Talkdesk CX Cloud

Our close partnership with Talkdesk means that Advanced Dialling is provided as a fully integrated application within your Talkdesk CX Cloud.

This allows you to add highly efficient and effective outbound dialling into your contact centre while retaining a familiar and consistent environment for your agents.

The benefits of Talkdesk Advanced Dialler

Fully integrated <br>solution

Fully integrated

Delivering advanced outbound capabilities fully integrated into your Talkdesk CX Cloud solution.

Improved outbound effectiveness

Improved outbound effectiveness

By leveraging an advanced predictive dialling solution combined with comprehensive campaign management and data segmentation.

Increased <br>productivity


By increasing the amount of time your agents spend talking to customers and less time dialling and waiting for customers to answer.

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If you want to learn more about the Talkdesk Advanced Outbound solution powered by Noetica, then simply reach out to the team.