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Noetica Voice Platform

IP Telephony
delivered your way

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A purpose-built contact centre platform

Gone are the days where contact centres have to compromise their needs to sit on the corporate telephony platform.
At Noetica, we provide a comprehensive and mission-critical IP-based voice platform that is specifically designed for contact centres. Architected to support inbound and outbound activity and to meet your specific requirements whether that be deployed on-premises, or in a public or private cloud environment.

Superior telephony, at lower cost

The Noetica Voice Platform removes the need for you to support your contact centre with expensive PBX technology, enabling you to reduce operating costs while delivering superior telephony.

With the ability to support both SIP connectivity, the Noetica Voice Platform connects you to your customers and fully leverages our ACD and SmartBound Predictive Dialler as well as Call Blending.

Calls are delivered crystal clear to agents either through traditional phones, or more commonly, softphone capabilities fully integrated into the agents’ desktops.

Telephony deployed your way

Our voice platform has been deployed across the globe to support organisations that operate in a wide range of sectors. This is why we have created a flexible platform that can be deployed in the way you want to work.

For organisations that want to keep their voice platform inhouse, we fully support on-premise deployment. For those looking to leverage the flexibility and scalability of the cloud or to support a virtual environment, then the Noetica Voice Platform can either be deployed in a public cloud environment or your own private cloud.

Comprehensive, feature-packed voice platform

The Noetica Voice Platform is what underpins all of our contact centre applications and services, providing a ready-to-go environment for all of your needs.

If you are a predominantly inbound operation, our voice platform delivers ACD, IVR and Call Recording. If you are performing outbound calling, then you gain access to our SmartBound Predictive Dialling as well as campaign management and advanced call recycling, and if you combine inbound and outbound, then you can gain the benefits of our sophisticated call blending.

The value delivered by Noetica Voice Platform

Reduced operating costs

Reduced operating costs

By removing the need to underpin your contact centre solutions with an expensive corporate PBX platform.

Hybrid environment support

Hybrid environment support

The ability to align your contact centre voice platform with your specific needs whether that be on-premises or private/public cloud.

Agility to enable capability

Agility to enable capability

By providing you with a voice platform that is already enabled with all of the capabilities you need to support your operation, ready and waiting to be switched on.

Your questions answered:

What is an IP-based voice platform?

An IP-based voice platform removes the need to use legacy voice connectivity such as ISDN circuits and to utilise more cost effective and flexible SIP-based connectivity.

What is a PBX?

A PBX is the traditional telephony platform used by organisations to deliver voice to employees across the business. A PBX is not generally designed to support the unique requirements of a contact centre and as such, a contact centre-specific voice platform is better suited.

What is hosted telephony?

Hosted telephony is where the voice platform is taken off-premises and hosted within a cloud environment, either a public cloud environment or an organisation’s private cloud environment. Telephony is then delivered to end-users in any location via VoIP.

What is a softphone?

A softphone removes the need for a physical phone to be provided to user; calls are delivered through VoIP and the telephony controls are either provided as a software app on the desktop or as integrated capabilities within desktop applications.

Let’s talk voice platform

If you are looking to change your voice platform, or to extract your contact centre from your existing corporate PBX, then let’s talk. Simply reach out to our team and let us explore what is possible.