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Noetica campaign management

Powerful control over your outbound activity

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Outbound campaign management

The success of your outbound activity is directly attributed to how well you define, create and manage your campaigns. The greater the control you have the better you can optimise your activity for success.

With almost three decades of experience of outbound contact centres, Noetica has created a powerful tool, Noetica Campaign Manager, that provides you with ultimate control of your activity, enabling you to drive both productivity and successful outcomes.

With a tool like Noetica Campaign Manager, the true power can only be seen by looking at the solution, so we would be more than happy to provide you with a demo.

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Data management, segmentation and campaign set-up

We believe that powerful does not have to mean complex. Noetica Campaign Manager has been specifically designed to manage the detail of each campaign, but to do this with an intuitive set of tools.

We enable you to simplify the ingestion of data into your campaigns without restricting you to a finite set of pre-defined fields. We enable you to leverage our Visual Data Segmentation tool to simplify the selection of contacts to include in your campaign while allowing you to leverage granular detail to drive better effectiveness.

Noetica Campaign Manager then allows you to define all of the rules and requirements associated to the campaign including agent skill levels and recycling rules and associate both data and call scripts.

Allocating the right agents and tools to each campaign

As part of Noetica Campaign Manager we provide you with a way to define which agents you wish to allocate to each campaign. This leverages our Skills & Ability Based Routing Engine (SABRE) where you not only define skills but also continually assess ability so that every call is allocated to the most able agent to drive successful outcomes.

Campaigns are more successful when agents are guided through the optimum best practice conversation and this is an integral part of our solution. As you set-up your campaigns you can leverage the Noetica Interaction Studio that enables you to visually design scripted apps, pull and push data from other systems and automate parts of the call process.

Campaign performance management

It is not just about simplifying campaign set-up; Noetica Campaign Manager enables you to continually monitor the performance of each campaign and optimise to drive greater productivity and outcomes.

We capture every data point associated with your campaign and enable you to leverage these within KPI Dashboards and historic reporting. This means you can quickly see when a campaign is not performing against expectations and take the necessary action. It also allows you to review trends over time either within campaigns or across campaigns to continually improve the performance of your operation.

The benefits of Noetica Advanced Call Recycling

Faster campaign <br>set-up

Faster campaign

With intuitive tools that step you through all of the essential elements of a successful outbound campaign.

Greater <br>control


By enabling you to define every element of each campaign, using the power of granular configurability to drive better performance.

More successful campaigns

More successful campaigns

By leveraging the true power of Noetica Campaign Manager to drive agent productivity, call success rates and more positive outcomes.

Your questions answered:

What is outbound campaign management?

When setting up an outbound dialling campaign it is key that you have full control over how you wish your campaign to be executed, what data is included, which agents are assigned and what call recycling rules to apply; all of these factors make up effective outbound campaign management.

How can I monitor my outbound campaigns?

It is important that you leverage a dialler that captures every data point associated with this activity. If you do, then you will be able to leverage this data to create real-time dashboards around your specific KPIs and continually measure and optimise performance.

How do I build outbound call lists?

The secret to an effective outbound campaign is leveraging all of the data available to segment and select the right people to call. Many diallers restrict what data can be loaded; they focus on calling numbers, not people. With Noetica, there are no boundaries for the data you can leverage to build highly targeted and effective outbound campaigns.

Want to learn more about Noetica Campaign Manager?

If you are looking to improve the way you manage your outbound campaigns and want to learn more about Noetica Campaign Manager or request a demo, simply reach out to the team.