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Inbound/Outbound Call Blending

Blending interactions to better serve your customers

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Contact Centre Call Blending

For contact centres that perform both inbound and outbound activities, being able to dynamically blend interactions is a significant opportunity to drive greater productivity and ensure agents are responsive to their customers.

To gain all of the benefits from call blending requires for this to be applied in a smart way by responding quickly to changes in call volumes while at the same time ensuring that you are utilising your agent resources in the best possible way to drive contact centre effectiveness.

This is where Noetica can help, having applied our experience to create an advanced capability to blend interactions for your agents.

Defining your call blending rules

We look to provide you with full control over the way you blend activity across your contact centre. This starts by enabling you to define the detail behind every outbound campaign and inbound queue such as the priority/importance, call queue thresholds and the agent skills and ability required.

With this level of detail, you are then able to define powerful blending rules that can be automated. Our blending engine assesses continuously demand and capacity to maximise responsiveness; this allows for instant adjustments to be made across activities, maintaining the optimum utilisation of available resources.

Leveraging skills & Ability-based routing

A key component of our solution is our Skills & Ability Based Routing Engine (SABRE) which enables you to not only associate the skills you require against each campaign and queue, but also leverage the agent with the highest appropriate ability.

We leverage SABRE within our call blending to ensure that when there is a need to switch agents between activities we take into account skills and ability to blend the right agents. We take this one step further with our Personal Account Manager (PAM) feature which utilises CRM to associate agents to customers and where possible and deploy those agents to provide the personal touch and continuity for that customer.

Equipping agents to be effective when blended

When leveraging call blending, it is critical that you equip your agents with all the tools they require to be effective and support them in working not only across different call types, but handling emails too.

With Synthesys Call Scripting, your agents are provided with a comprehensive agent desktop that guides them through each interaction. The information they need is presented at the time the call is passed through, enabling them to quickly serve the customer and step them through the optimum conversation to deliver the best possible outcome.

The benefits of Noetica Call Blending

More effective call handling

More effective call handling

With the ability to leverage a wider resource pool during peak times to maintain the shortest possible response times to customers.

Increased agent productivity

Increased agent productivity

By reducing agent idle time and increasing the proportion of their day interacting with your customers.

Improved call <br>outcomes

Improved call

By better aligning skills and abilities to each and every contact driving more effective interactions with your customers.

Your questions answered:

What is call blending?

Call blending has traditionally been applied to contact centres that perform inbound and outbound activity and agents are automatically switched from outbound to inbound in response to peaks in inbound demand.

How do you optimise call blending?

It is key not to keep switching agents between activity as this can often be detrimental to performance. The best approach is to define smart blending rules that create the perfect balance between productivity and effectiveness.

Can I blend calls based on agent skills?

Most certainly. With Noetica our Agent Skills & Ability Based Routing Engine is central to the way we blend agents ensuring we are always looking to utilise the most appropriate agent for every single call.

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Call Blending?

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