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Live Person Detection

Enabling voicemail detection with no silent calls

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The value of live person

You do not want to connect your agents to answer machines; you need them to be talking to live people. The traditional approach is to listen to the start of a call and attempt to detect an answer machine; the issue with this is that the detection technology does not always get it right, dropping calls connected to live people and having excessive periods of silence before calls are passed to an agent.

At Noetica, we saw a better way and developed patented technology that flips the process around, proactively looking to detect a live person rather than an answer machine. By taking this approach, we remove the silence at the start of calls and help eradicate erroneous dropped calls.

Leveraging AI to detect a live person

Live Person Detection (LPDTM) uses AI to remove silence and enable accurate detection of a live person. The initial few seconds of each call leverages AI to play an initial greeting in the actual voice of the intended recipient agent. This provides enough time for our technology to detect whether it is connected to an answer machine or a live person.

When a live person is detected then the call is seamlessly passed from simulated agent to live agent with the customer being unaware of any difference.

By taking this approach, the 2-3 seconds of silence that has given outbound dialling such a bad name is eradicated, and a far greater success rate is achieved in detecting a live person.

Ensuring responsible dialling and a better customer experience

Industry regulators such as Ofcom have made it pretty clear in their policies that persistent nuisance calls are not acceptable, and this has forced many organisations to stop using answer machine detection.

By leveraging our Live Person Detection technology, organisations are able to responsibly dial their customers, avoid silence and deliver the best possible experience as well as simplifying and automating call introductions for agents.

Significant uplift in success per hour

Our LPD technology is being leveraged by outbound contact centres spanning different sectors and use cases across the globe. We have been constantly measuring the benefits it has delivered and see a consistent uplift of around 40% in success per hour (SPH).

What this means is that 29% fewer agents can achieve the same level of successful outbound calls in contact centres that are utilising our LPD solution.

The benefits of Noetica LPD

Compliant outbound dialling

Compliant outbound dialling

By ensuring you dial responsibly with no silence and avoiding dropped connected calls.

Better customer experience

Better customer experience

By ensuring that dialled customers are immediately engaged in conversation and seamlessly connected to a live agent.

Increase in <br>productivity

Increase in

By significantly increasing the number of live calls connected to agents and increasing Successes Per Hour (SPH).

Your questions answered:

What is a silent call?

A silent call is traditionally caused through the use of Answer Machine Detection (AMD) where a live call is misidentified and dropped without a message being played. This is known as a silent call. In addition, with AMD, the first few seconds of a call is used to determine whether it is an answer machine or live person. During this time the customer hears silence which is not a good experience. By leveraging Noetica’s Live Person Detection (LPD) silent calls and the initial seconds of silence are eradicated.

What is Live Person Detection (LPD)?

Live Person Detection (LPD) is patented technology of Noetica that leverages AI to immediately greet the customer with speech in the same voice as the agent who will receive the call. During the playing of this greeting, it is possible to accurately detect if the call has been answered by a live person.

What is better Live Person Detection (LPD) or Answer Machine Detection (AMD)?

LPD is far superior to AMD. The success rate of detecting a live person is far better to that of detecting an answer machine helping to eradicate erroneous dropped calls. The customer experience delivered by LPD is also far superior removing silence at the start of connected calls.

Want to learn more about Live Person Detection (LPD)?

We would love to walk you through how Live Person Detection works and provide you with a demonstration; simply reach out to the Noetic team.