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Interacting with customers through their preferred method

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Contact Centre Email & SMS

We do not believe that digital interaction methods such as email and SMS should be thought of as siloed channels, but more as integral strands to a single conversation with the customer.

This is why we leverage these channels across both our inbound and outbound solutions. We integrate these through our CRM layer to allow contact centres to have a single and connected dialogue with their customers that can seamlessly traverse channels.

Inbound Email

Noetica’s inbound solution does not solely focus on voice calls but can fully support inbound email. We queue these channels in a similar manner to voice calls and leverage our Agent Skills and Ability Based Routing Engine to pass the email to the appropriate agent.

What is key here is the fact that we utilise the CRM to connect the customer journey and where for example, the email is a follow-up to a telephone conversation, we can route to the same agent. We also empower agents through our Synthesys Call Scripting to send an email or SMS as part of their interaction with the customer.

Leveraging Email & SMS as part of outbound campaigns

We find that customers who integrate email and SMS into their outbound activity generate far more effective customer engagements. For example, pre-empting an outbound call with an SMS message can significantly increase answer rates, while an email at the end of the call can ensure more completed successful outcomes.

We enable SMS and email to be an integrated channel in your outbound activity. In addition, we are able to capture communication from customers across these media relating to outbound campaigns and route this back to the agent dealing with that customer.

Integrating email and SMS into your call flows

We have fully integrated SMS and Email into our Synthesys Call Scripting; as you develop call flows you are able to include these media as steps in the process.

This enables key elements of the conversation, such as an appointment time, to be automatically confirmed by email and SMS, or for secure links for payments to be automatically sent to the customer during the conversation.

The benefits of Noetica Email & SMS

Integrated customer experience

Integrated customer experience

By removing the silos between channels and ensuring you are having a single and connected conversation with customers.

Driving greater effectiveness

Driving greater effectiveness

By utilising Email and SMS as an integral part of outbound campaigns to improve call answer responses and call outcomes.

Greater agent productivity

Greater agent productivity

By enabling certain aspects of the workflow to be automated and triggering confirmation SMS or Emails.

Your questions answered:

Can a dialler support SMS?

Noetica’s dialler fully supports SMS, and we find it is a great way to improve connection rates. We have customers that send out SMS messaging in advance of calling and find this improves performance.

How do you route email in a contact centre?

For a modern contact centre, email is just another channel over which customers can communicate. The best approach is to have a single solution that routes voice, SMS and email to agents utilising a universal queue and having the ability to blend agents across interaction channels.

How do contact centre agents send email and SMS?

The ability to send both SMS and Email should be an embedded capability of the agent desktop and call script. As we look to apply automation to standard tasks of the agents, Email and SMS can be used to automate sending a proposal, electronic forms or appointment confirmation.

Want to learn more about contact centre email and SMS?

If you are looking to better leverage email and SMS in your contact centre then we would love to share how our customers are using this. Simply reach out to the Noetica team.