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SDK & API Integration

Connecting every part of your contact centre environment

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Creating a connected contact centre

Your contact centre environment consists of many different elements of technology, applications and data, and we appreciate that not all of these components will be Noetica solutions.

This is why we have architected our software with connectivity and integration in mind, ensuring that each application can simply slot into your environment and seamlessly interact and interoperate with your existing contact centre technologies.

Simplifying the contact centre agent experience

You don’t want your contact centre agents to be so focused on navigating between different systems that they are not giving the customer their full attention.

Synthesys Interaction Studio not only enables you to visually create scripted apps for your agents to follow, but also for these apps to pull and push information from your existing applications and databases. Synthesys simplifies this process and enables non-technical users to make web services API calls to your existing systems. This allows key information to be presented on-screen and for information collected during the call to be posted into the relevant systems.

This not only makes the life of the agent so much easier; it also ensures they are equipped with the information they need to better serve the customer.

Accessing information from your Noetica applications

We recognise that our solutions and applications hold information that you may want to ingest into your systems whether that be customer collected data or performance data you require for reporting.


All of our applications provide a web services API that enables you to seamlessly integrate into your environment, providing you with access to the functionality and data you require.

Ingesting data for outbound calling

For our customers utilising our predictive dialler, within Synthesys Campaign Manager you are provided with an intuitive, yet comprehensive way to ingest data.

We believe that the more data you can use when planning campaigns the better your targeting will be, and also your results. This is why we do not restrict you on what data you can ingest into our dialler, giving you full flexibility to create and populate custom data fields and then leverage these within our Visual Data Segmentation tool to build call lists.

The benefits of Noetica Integration

Seamless <br>environment


By ensuring your Noetica applications are not silos in your contact centre environment but a fully integrated and seamless part of this.

Better agent <br>experience

Better agent

By removing the friction and frustration of navigating across multiple platforms and delivering a single unified agent desktop.

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience

By ensuring that agents are focused on the customer and have the information they need, when they need it, to better serve the customer.

Your questions answered:

What is a unified agent desktop?

A unified agent desktop is a single application that an agent uses to guide them through customer interactions. This uses APIs and SDKs to interface to multiple systems and present the information in a single pane of glass to the agent.

What data does a predictive dialler need?

The simple answer to this question is as much relevant data as is possible. The more data elements that are available to you the better you can segment this to create highly targeted call lists to feed your dialler.

How do I access predictive dialler data?

With the Noetica predictive dialler, we provide full access to both the data utilised and the performance data collected. This can be accessed through a web services API to update CRM data, transactional data, or to be pulled into a unified reporting or BI tool.

Want to learn more about API & SDK integration?

If you have any specific questions on how we can integrate into your environment, please reach out to the Noetica team.