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Synthesys Agent Desktop & Scripting

Empowering agents to deliver better experiences

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Empowering agents for

Call scripting as a term is very misleading. Thankfully, we no longer force agents to follow verbatim scripts when talking to customers. Today it is about equipping agents with the tools to effectively interact; this is why we help you create ‘scripted apps’ or to use our term ‘Synthesys™ Apps’.

We allow you to define optimal call navigation maps that guide the agent through every step of the call, leading them logically to the next step and giving them the information they need when they need it. The result is liberated and empowered agents, optimum call flows and far better outcomes for both the customer and your business.

Rapid scripted app creation

Contact centres often have complex business logic that underpins customer interactions. We believe the secret is to hide the complexity and deliver intuitive tools to agents that enable them to focus on the conversation, not the systems they are using.

This is why we created the Synthesys Interaction Studio, a visual approach to creating scripted apps and defining logic and branching. By allowing you to visualise the flow of each call helps you remove complexity and often have that “eureka” moment in creating great experiences.

It is not possible to do our Interaction Studio justice in words alone, so we encourage you to request a demo, as seeing is believing.

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Powerful integration simplified

Synthesys Interaction Studio is more that just a scripted app builder, it also provides an extremely powerful integration tool. It enables you to define the information your agents need at each step of the call and presents this in a unified agent desktop.

Often the way you hold customer and transactional data is not aligned to how it is needed in a conversation, this is where Synthesys enables you to pull data from multiple sources and pre-emptively present this to the agent in a single view synchronised with the flow of the call.

Automating processes and driving productivity

It is common for agents to spend considerable time entering information into multiple systems both during and on completion of calls. With Synthesys Call Scripting, we enable you to automate many of these tasks freeing up your agents to spend more time talking to customers.

In a similar manner, as we pull information from your various systems, we also enable you to define where collected information needs to be posted and allow you to automate post-call workflows.

This approach not only simplifies the agent experience, it also reduces mistakes, average call handling time (AHT) and call wrap-up time (ACW).

The value delivered by Synthesys Call Scripting

More effective interactions

More effective interactions

By guiding agents through best practice on each interaction, to achieve more first contact resolutions and the best possible outcomes.

Improved agent and customer experience

Improved agent and customer experience

By removing the friction during calls caused by disjointed or poorly aligned systems, enabling both agent and customer to focus on the conversation.

Greater agent productivity

Greater agent productivity

By streamlining conversations and automating administrative tasks associated with calls to free up more talk time.

Your questions answered:

What is call scripting?

Unlike what the name suggests, it is not providing agents with what to say verbatim on calls, but it is a way to structure calls and guide agents through the optimum path to deliver the best experience and outcome.

Who builds call scripts?

By using a visual script builder – you do not need to be a technical wizard to create call scripts. We believe the best people to build call scripts are the contact centre team.

How do I create a single agent desktop?

By utilising a tool such as Synthesys Interaction Studio you are able to create a unified agent desktop that pulls all of the data, information and prompts that an agent needs into a single app – intuitive-to-use and focused on how you interact with customers.

What is wrap-up automation?

This is the ability to automate traditional manual tasks done by agents at the end of the call including the posting of various data items into back-end systems and the instigating of workflows to fulfil the customer’s needs.

Let’s talk call scripting

We have many years of experience in creating agent desktop environments and call scripts and would love to discuss your specific challenges and show you how Synthesys Call Scripting can help; simply reach out to our team.