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Fuel Card Services

Fuel Card Services achieves Productivity Uplift with Noetica’s Dialling Solution for Sales and Service Calls

Fuel Card Services Ltd (FCS) is one of the UK’s largest independent fuel card agents, with over 250 staff across four locations. Owned by DCC, an international sales, marketing and support services group, the company partners with all the major fuel brands to offer fuel cards at competitive rates and currently serves around 50,000 customer accounts, selling as much as 800 million litres of fuel each year.

In 2018 the company expanded its operations, launching a successful fleet management service business. Looking to the future, the company has a vision to be the leading provider of energy and mobility services to UK businesses – from launching new products and digital innovation to supporting the transition to electric vehicles.

The solution

The team at FCS is dedicated to helping businesses, whether they have just one car or a fleet of HGVs. From its sales operations conveniently located in the centre of Burnley, Leeds, Halifax and Bellshill in Lanarkshire, they follow-up leads, respond to enquiries and provide support to customers, helping them maximise the uses of their fuel cards.

To improve the efficiency of its inbound and outbound contact centre operations, FCS turned to OneCom, which recommended MiContact Center Outbound from Mitel – a comprehensive cloud-based solution that takes advantage of technology from Noetica, a branded Mitel OEM solution provider and a Platinum Preferred MSA Partner. An integral part of the solution is Noetica’s patented dialler, which optimises productive call time by eliminating the need to manually dial every telephone number, and ensuring every call is connected at the right time. Key to the success of this project was the ability to integrate with FCS’s Gold-Vision CRM system.

To achieve this, Noetica developed a bespoke software integration between the dialler and the CRM system. In doing so, it created a fully automated process whereby the relevant customer records are directly imported from Gold-Vision ready to be dialled throughout the day as part of a new or ongoing campaign. Another advantage of the system is the ability to quickly respond to leads from the Fuel Card Services website, with expressions of interest imported into the live dialling list in real-time.

“We have been able to fully automate many of the processes that were for a long time done manually, as well as prioritising who needs calling and when. It has resulted in greater efficiency as well as an uplift in productivity.”

Tom Murphy, Performance Optimisation Manager at Fuel Card Services.

The benefits

Today, when a member of the team is connected to a call, they are automatically presented with the customer record extracted from Gold-Vision, as well as a dynamic call script (Noetica Synthesys™) that guides them through the interaction, prompting them to request and record the information that is needed to complete the call, whether that is to resolve an issue or complete a sale.

As a people-focused business, Fuel Card Services prioritises the well-being of its team. The approach it is taking to managing calls is providing them with a richer variety of types and quality of customer interactions they handle, as well as enabling them to manage more calls. Tom adds: “The system we have now removes much of the administration, as there is no need to dial or search for the relevant customer record. Everything is presented to them on a single screen, and they are supported at every stage of the call, ensuring they have all they need to succeed.”

The success of the project has led the company to explore how it can expand its use of the system to support the Fleet Services Business. Tom concludes:

“I have been impressed by the impact that our contact centre solution has had, especially the ease-of-use, ability to set up new campaigns, and levels of automation Noetica’s dialling technology has introduced. It is one of the best outbound technologies I have experienced in my 30 years working in the industry.”

Tom Murphy, Performance Optimisation Manager at Fuel Card Services.