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LAVG using Noetica’s fully integrated outbound dialling solution to improve the debt recovery process

LAVG is a bailiff and debt collection organization in the Netherlands. LAVG has implemented the Noetica Voice Platform™ (NVP™), and advanced dialler including the internationally patented Live Person Detection (LPD™) solutions at its contact centre. 

“LAVG is one of a growing number of specialist debt recovery companies around the world that has chosen to optimise its outbound operations with Noetica’s patented and proven technology.”

Steven Brooks, Managing Director, Noetica.

Prior to deploying the Noetica solution, LAVG agents were using spreadsheets to manually dial those required to make an overdue payment. Now, with the entire process automated, agents can focus solely on the quality of their interactions. The use of LPD™ ensures that agents are only connected to live people and not answering services or voicemail.

For more information on Noetica’s work with LAVG read our full case study.

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